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About the course

During this intensive and highly interactive course, the instructor will draw on the latest academic research and her 25+ years of experience as an analyst, investor, and corporate director, to explore the current state of empirical evidence about the status of women as leaders, investigate the barriers that have made it more difficult for women to reach the top of the hospitality industry, and consider ways in which individuals can overcome them. Participants will complete the course feeling more empowered and knowledgeable about when and why gender matters in organizational advancement; will have thought more deeply about their own biases about themselves and others; and will have developed a toolkit of useful skills, strategies, and approaches for effectively managing their path to leadership and reducing gender inequality within the organizations in which they work and lead.

Key Benefits

Women in Hospitality Leadership provides women seeking to expand their influence and accelerate their advancement into leadership with advanced knowledge, skills and strategies to identify gender-based career barriers and navigate over or around them to realize their full career potential.

Topics Include

  • The current state of women in hospitality leadership and beyond
  • The business case for gender diversity: Understanding how gender bias prevents leaders from tapping the full potential of their teams, and the organizational benefits of eliminating it
  • Navigating the “double bind” dilemma facing women seeking leadership
  • Identifying and overcoming the gendered power and status dynamics that limit women’s influence and advancement
  • Negotiating effectively as a woman – both for yourself and your organization
  • How to lead authentically and with executive presence as a woman
  • Developing and maintaining mentoring and sponsorship networks to increase influence and opportunities.
  • Handling “sticky” situations commonly encountered by women working in a male-dominated world

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Professional Development Program: Women in Hospitality Leadership

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