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Strathmore Business School

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Mar 24—Oct 16, 2020
12 daysModules info
Nairobi, Kenya
KES 996500 ≈USD 9603
KES 83041 per day


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About the course

The Women Directors Leadership Summit is an incisive program that aims at moving the focus from why women should be on boards and C-Suite positions to how they should perform for board excellence and leadership effectiveness. Several key research reports have cited the impact of competent solid women at board level: Catalyst, a research group focused on women’s advancement to senior leadership, found that Fortune 500 companies with more women directors, on average, outperformed those with fewer women board members on a broad range of financial indicators. In addition, Catalyst has found a strong correlation between the number of women on boards and in the C-Suite and ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Equity) of company returns. The Credit Suisse Research Institute recently reported that net income growth over the past six years averaged 14% for companies with women directors compared to 10% for those with no female board members. Global Research findings show that there are several key consequences of gender-based heterogeneity for boardroom work, board governance, and group dynamics.

These are:

  • Enhanced dialogue
  • Better decision making, including the value of dissent
  • More effective risk mitigation and crisis management
  • Higher quality monitoring of and guidance to management
  • Positive changes to the boardroom environment and culture
  • More orderly and systematic board work
  • Positive changes in the behavior of men

Program Delivery

The WDLS is a modular programme that will be hosted in 3 different locations to enable immersion learning for each of the carefully selected participants and designed to provide ample time to implement critical leadership skills within and beyond their circle of influence.

Who should attend

WDLS is for women serving on board and or C-Suite position.

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Herta von Stiegel

Herta von Stiegel is the founder and Executive Chair of Ariya Capital Group Limited, an investor and developer focusing on clean energy and infrastructure investments in Africa. With over 25 years of international management, finance and board level experience, she has a consistent track record o...


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