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Winning in Customer Service

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About the course

The art of differentiating your organisation through exceptional customer service.

Approximately 70% of South Africa’s GDP is made up of service businesses. However, even if you are a product marketer, knowing how to position and differentiate your company through services marketing, can give you a competitive edge.

If the surrounding value chain, touch-points, and service levels negatively impact the customer's experience, an erosion of the value that is ultimately delivered will occur, limiting an organisation's ability to position itself as a service leader.

The principles taught on this programme affect the work of all marketers, and participants will learn how to take a more supportive approach to meeting customers’ needs.

The benefits of attending this one-day masterclass will be deep and widespread. You will learn how to take a more caring and supportive approach to meeting customers' needs, which leads to satisfaction and the probability of increased sales and profit.

Place yourself a decade ahead of the pack and discover the latest thinking behind services marketing.

How you will benefit

Several case studies will be used to give you insight into the following topics:

How much money a great service leader is worth;

The 7 P’s of marketing and the 8th P: Partnerships;

The neuroscience of customer experience management;

What makes a great service marketing organisation; and

The importance of the internal customer.

Additional information

Several case studies will be used to give you insight into the following topics:

Customer Experience Management (CEM) vs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM);

Four things a service business must get right;

Mapping out the customer’s experience using various maps and templates;

Creating customer loyalty;

The service profit chain;

The Gaps Model: Five service gaps and their causes; and

The most important customer care tips.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for anyone in a marketing role within service businesses, including:

  • Marketing Managers;
  • Sales Managers;
  • Brand Managers; and
  • Chief Customer Officers (CCOs)​.

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Ian Rheeder

Ian Rheeder’s core purpose is to make companies more profitable. He does this by using the most relevant consulting business models to best analyse a company’s situation, and thus offers the best market-driven solutions for their profit creation. This competency is also reflected in the most rele...


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