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Winning Business Performance in Asia

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About the course

"Winning Business Performance in Asia" will provide a context to understand how businesses can flourish in the competitive Asian region with sessions on strategy, cross-cultural leadership and methods to drive and manage international growth. All sessions are supported with examples and case studies for increased learning through discussion with facilitators as well as among participants.

In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous Asian business environment, yesterday's answers are often swept away by disruptive innovation, local or multinational competition. Furthermore, executives often are unaware or underestimate the differences in the way business is conducted between cultures. How then do executives with multiple-country or regional responsibilities successfully lead and drive their organisation’s growth?

Asia, a thriving hub of opportunities, also presents vast challenges in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. Its labyrinth of cultural mores and values add further complexities. Executives tasked to lead businesses or drive growth across multiple countries are required to work across cultures, against both established and new competitors for customers with rapidly changing behaviours.

Today’s and tomorrow’s executives and business leaders are struggling with growth despite the enormous potential locked within Asia. We identify how business leaders can conceptualize and activate a winning business performance across multiple territories in Asia by focusing both on theory and practice. We also consider having developed a growth strategy within a home market, how executives can empower organisations and teams to expand and succeed in Asia.


During this intensive three-day programme you will learn both the theory behind proven business performance models and approaches through current Asian business case studies led by recognised SMU Professors. Additionally, through SMU’s interactive pedagogy, and small and large group discussions, led by a leading business practitioner with 30 years of Asia experience, we will help you discover the skills of applying these best practices in Asian business situations to build practical skills.

By the course’s end you will possess key frameworks, the latest insights, and numerous case examples of developing successful business practices for Asia; both how they have gone wrong, and more importantly how to get them right for the future.

Learning Objectives

The three-day course firstly enables leaders to identify the most appropriate Asian strategy that aligns with their business context. Subsequently you learn how to successfully lead these strategies in your own organisation in an Asian context. The second day empowers leaders with the skills to lead in an Asian environment. Attendees will both recognise the qualities of authentic leadership and learn how to lead across Asian businesses and across Asian cultures. The nal day identi es means to stimulate sustained growth in an Asian context and how to manage alliances and partnerships which are the foundation of Asian business.

Key lessons:

  • Identifying and utilising a strategy appropriate to challenging Asia
  • Understanding the impact of implementing a changed strategy in an Asian context.
  • Coping with the strategic tension managing both a Global and Local strategic agenda
  • Recognizing essential Asian Leadership qualities (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skill)
  • Building successful Leadership relationships within Asia and building trust and coping with conflict across cultures
  • How to accelerate growth in Asia through customer focused organic growth
  • Keys to managing Asian alliances, how to set these up, and how to manage conflict in alliances
  • Sharing of local and global best practices for Asia
  • Cases from both regional firms and Asian MNCs
  • Practical tips and techniques that can be easily adopted

Who should attend

The programme is designed for a mix of mid-level executives and senior leaders who are being challenged to lead business or business units outside of their home territory and into Asia. These intensive three days have been custom-designed to help you understand the opportunities and challenges of identifying the strategies for Asian growth and then leading to create momentum within your organisation or team. Ideal candidates will be responsible (or soon to be responsible) for an Asian focused business unit, substantial project, or team.

Singaporeans who are planning to enrol in or are successfully enrolled in this course should concurrently apply for the SkillsFuture Study Award for Internationalisation. Recipients of the Study Award may receive a monetary award of $5,000 to defray the out-of-pocket expenses associated with the course.

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Les Buckley

Dr. Les Buckley is currently an affiliate professor of strategic management with Singapore Management University, a role focused on executive development and training (since January 2015). He is academic director of an IE Singapore sponsored SMU course on Business Effectiveness in Asia, and has...


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