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What Every Leader Must Know to win in the Digital Future

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About the course

The future of every industry is digital, and that future is closer than you think. In January 2007, there was only one digital company in the Top 10 most valued companies in the world: Microsoft. A decade later in January 2017, five of the Top 10 are digital companies: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

Ambitious digital-driven companies are now creating and cornering new markets in every sector. And yet, most legacy businesses continue to operate by old playbooks. Most are not keeping pace with the changes in their industry, let alone leading the way. To what extent is your company prepared for the digital future?

Based on his latest book "The Digital Matrix", Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, the David J. McGrath Jr. Professor in Management with the Boston University Questrom School of Business, will host a practical session that will help you appreciate the three forces of competition that are shaping the new business landscape; strategise for the three phases of transformation that your company will encounter on its journey to business reinvention; and identify the three winning moves that will ensure your company's success along the way.

This highly practical session will provide senior executives with a forum to:

  • Learn to navigate the world of digital ecosystems.
  • Engage and energise the management team around the digital strategy question.
  • Discover ways of competing and collaborating with other companies to create and capture value.
  • Assemble and lead the team to experiment with new ideas, re-examine your core beliefs, and reinvent your business rulebook for the digital future.

Who should attend

This programme is open to Asian business leaders across industries and functions, who lead business units to spearhead innovation and business transformation for the organisation. We believe that you will not only benefit from the expertise, insights and perspectives of the world-class faculty, but also from networking with peers from MNCs and other international companies.

Trust the experts

Venkat Venkatraman

N Venkat Venkatraman is the David J McGrath Jr Professor of Management and the Chairman, IS Department at the Boston University Questrom School of Business. He was awarded the 2004 and 2006 IBM Faculty Fellowship for his work focusing on business challenges in the network era. His research and te...


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