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SIM Professional Development

What Drives Behaviour & Performance

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Jul 4—5
2 days
SGD 1123 ≈USD 830
SGD 561 per day
Oct 8—9
2 days
SGD 1123 ≈USD 830
SGD 561 per day



Explore psychological factors that are responsible for human-related ups and downs at the workplace. Understand and use psychological concepts and techniques to manage common human-related issues and make your organisation a greater place to work in!

Benefits to You


A proper understanding and management of the various psychological factors at the workplace can help reduce invisible costs and losses while improving communication, relationship, productivity and profitability.


•Learn to manage people-related problems and conflicts effectively

•Learn to influence and inspire others, to enhance efficiency and productivity

•Learn to communicate with and relate to others in realistic terms

•Be able to work with peers/superiors/subordinates on better terms

Programme Outline

•What research tells us about human nature

•2 types of people: High vs low self-monitors

•2 types of fallacies: Illusion of consensus vs illusion of uniqueness

•The way we reason: How our reasoning inhibits our people skills

•Personality vs character vs attitude

•Common mistakes in communication

•Timeless rules of behavior: how people naturally react

•Important rules for motivating or encouraging people

•4 common causes of conflicts and 4 corresponding solutions

•Strategies to improve relationships with customers, peers, subordinates, and superiors

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

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European School of Management and Technology

Leading With Psychological Intelligence

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Jun 18—21
4 days
Berlin, Germany
EUR 5300 ≈USD 5987
EUR 1325 per day
Nov 26—29
4 days
Berlin, Germany
EUR 5500 ≈USD 6213
EUR 1375 per day

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Enhancing your leadership effectiveness through a better understanding of what really drives subordinates, peers and superiors.

The English language program Leading with Psychological Intelligence (LPI) responds to the increasing demands on executives to enhance their leadership efficacy through better connections with subordinates, peers, and superiors. Psychological research offers many insights into human behavior. This program applies these research findings directly applied to the everyday behavior of modern executives.

Participants will discover how they perform as leaders through feedback analysis, experiential exercises, short mini-lectures, small group discussions, peer consultations, and coaching sessions.

Key benefits

  • concepts and tools needed to better understand the principles of human behavior within organizations
  • increase acceptance of their ideas and work requests and establish productive working relationships with subordinates, peers, and superiors
  • further develop their leadership skills and remain resilient in the face of work- and team-related challenges
  • post-program follow-up to support putting new skills into practice
  • solid network of global contacts

Key topics

  • Overview of critical psychology findings relevant for leaders
  • Emotional and social competencies of leaders
  • Exploration of psychological challenges in decision-making
  • Learning styles and their implications at work
  • Handling psychologically challenging work-related situations
  • Dealing with necessary evils
  • Overcoming internal barriers to change
  • Facing adversity with resilience and perseverance
  • Individual leadership coaching session

Who should attend

Executives leading diverse individuals or teams whose ability to mobilize the talents and efforts of others directly affects the successful achievement of company goals.

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