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Wharton Fellows: Master Classes and Networking for Senior Executives

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About the course

Disruptive change is the new status quo. Businesses, industries, governments, and individuals can no longer rely on expected outcomes, but must continuously rethink strategies and business models while scanning for new opportunities and threats.

Wharton Fellows: Master Classes and Networking for Senior Executives is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve, reinvigorating and enhancing your leadership skills. This robust network of senior executives, academic experts, and global thought leaders delivers real time, high-level insider knowledge while challenging you to embrace change. There are no traditional classrooms in this ongoing learning experience, Instead, Fellows meet around the world with the most influential leaders in business, politics, science and technology, and the arts, gaining the most current, actionable insights into industry-transforming business models.

Wharton Fellows Highlights & Benefits

  • Shake up your current mental models through continuous learning
  • Position yourself and your organization to meet current and future challenges
  • Receive Wharton alumni status after completing 12 Master Classes

Experience & Impact

The next series of Master Classes is based on the economic and social theories of Jeremy Rifkin, whose work The Third Industrial Revolution is the foundation of current long-term development plans of the EU and China. The Fellows will explore the transformational convergence of communication, energy, and mobility technologies and meet with the business and political leaders who are embracing and enacting real change.

Watch the trailer for The Third Industrial Revolution, a feature-length documentary in which Jeremy Rifkin lays out a road map to usher in a new era of sustainable development. It debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in the Spring of 2017.

About Fellows

  • Fellows status is attained after admittance to the Fellows program.
  • Fellows receive Wharton alumni status after completing 12 Master Classes.
  • At least one Master Class must be attended every two years to maintain membership.
  • A partners program is available for spouses at 75% of cost for full participation in Master Classes.

Who should attend

Senior executives with more than 15 years of management experience. All candidates must submit an application for acceptance into the Fellows program prior to registering for any Master Classes.

Ongoing Expert Network

Upon admission, new Fellows immediately join an exclusive expert network that provides rich opportunities for ongoing, real-time, peer-to-peer interaction around critical issues. Components of the network include:

  • An exclusive, ongoing association that extends knowledge sharing on critical topics as identified by Fellows and faculty, allowing for rapid topic selection and knowledge creation. Executives can attend and interact online and/or via phone from any location in the world.
  • Membership in the virtual Fellows community, which will include knowledge sharing between members, action learning to help you apply what you learned back at your workplace, ongoing threaded conversations led by Wharton faculty, and preparatory sessions for upcoming Master Classes.
  • Reverse mentoring with MBA students and entrepreneurs for a unique cross-generational exchange of new ways of thinking.

Trust the experts

Yoram (Jerry) Wind

Professor Jerry Wind is internationally known for pioneering research on organizational buying behavior, market segmentation, conjoint analysis, and marketing strategy. He consults with major firms around the world, provides expert testimony in many intellectual property and antitrust cases, and ...


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