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Nanyang Technological University Center for Continuing Education

Warrior or Worrier? Conflict Resolution and Stress Management Strategies

Available dates

Oct 29—30, 2019
2 days
SGD 631 ≈USD 462
SGD 315 per day


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About the course

With multi-tasking, limited resources and tight deadlines at the workplace, chances of conflict are ever increasing. What more, executives are taught to be more assertive and many have strong perceptions towards certain issues. With more technologies and less personal communication, chances of stepping into conflict minefields are even higher. Executives have different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Therefore their approach to work and resolving issues are different, giving rise to conflict. As with problems, there are always solutions. Conflicts can be resolved if executives learn and are willing to make it work. Response to conflict involves selecting the most appropriate strategy to resolve it.

Conflicts result in many stressful and angry people. The cost of stress and the hours lost in productivity are getting higher and higher every year. Stress, however, in small doses, is refreshing. But don’t let stress grow in a Frankenstein and hijack your life. You can equip yourself with the latest stress management techniques to combat and dissipate stress and anger while managing your conflicts.


At the end of this 2-day interactive workshop, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the cause and value of conflict
  • Understand conflict resolution styles
  • Identify the most effective resolution strategy
  • Appreciate the cause and value of stress and anger
  • Managing your emotions during stress and anger during conflict management
  • Use different techniques and strategies to dissipate your stress and anger

Instructional Methodology

A didactic mixture of lecturettes, videos, role-plays, learning activities, therapy, case studies and discussion to achieve the learning objectives.



  • What is conflict?
  • Reasons for conflict
  • Understanding conflict

The value of conflict

  • Positive aspects
  • Negative aspects

Causes of conflict

  • How conflict can arise
  • Types of conflict
  • The challenge-skill quadrant
  • Reframing conflict

The 7-step conflict management model

  • Create a conducive environment
  • Clarify perceptions
  • Work toward meeting needs
  • Building shared positive power
  • Generate options
  • Develop “doables”
  • Make mutual benefits agreements

Approaches to resolve conflict

  • Eric Berne’s Win-Win paradigm
  • Thomas and Kilman 5 alternative approaches

Managing Stress

  • What is stress?
  • Stressors and stress
  • Fight or Flight response

Body Awareness

  • Sources of stress
  • Symptoms checklist
  • The levels of your stress

Techniques for Managing Stress and Anger

  • Anchoring with NLP
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Thought Stopping
  • Alternative Breathing
  • Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Jacob Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Job Stress Management

  • Job burnout
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

Who should attend

This 2-day Conflict Resolution and Stress Management course is designed for supervisors, executives, new and experienced managers who want to learn how to manage their stress effectively and become more purposeful in both their work and personal life.

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