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    About the course

    Leaders are regularly faced with having to have critical or tough conversations with their employees, teams, colleagues and supervisors. They are sometimes difficult to have and are oftentimes even harder to start. Managers know they need to have them, but the stakes can be high, and sometimes they don’t go as anticipated, hoped or intended. As a result, many managers avoid having them altogether.

    Avoiding tough conversations or having ineffective conversations has an impact on employee morale, employee engagement, productivity, and a leader’s ability to be successful.

    Critical or “vital” conversations are candid, goal-focused and feedback-rich conversations. They have the power to increase productivity; identify and build solutions based on shared objectives; broaden perspectives and mutual understanding; and foster positive engagement. They form the foundation upon which strong relationships are forged and collaborative teams are built.

    This course will help participants change their outlook on having tough conversations by offering models, tools, tips and in-class practice to increase participants’ ability and confidence to conduct vital conversations effectively. Common pitfalls and barriers, which can derail vital conversations, will also be discussed.

    This course is a practical, hands-on program. Participants will:

    • Complete a TAIS Report – highlighting personal strengths and identifying one or two targeted areas which will enhance ability to influence and engage others and achieve results;
    • Practice time proven methods to give feedback without raising defensiveness;
    • Increase understanding of the difference between your Intention and Impact;
    • Apply a Coaching model of conversation – establishing clear goals, process and attitude for success;
    • Recognise how a little focused preparation goes a long way to ensuring desired outcomes.

    Who should attend

    This program is for you if:

    • You work with others and would like to be able to have more candid, respectful conversations which support you and your colleagues in achieving your results more effectively;
    • You are tired of getting the “dirty yes” – you hear agreement in the conversation and yet the other person doesn’t follow through on what you thought they had agreed to;
    • You would like to increase your ability to overcome resistance and increase your ability to influence others – no matter the direction – up, down, or across;
    • You have been asked for more coaching and development by your team;
    • You want to gain a fresh perspective on how to influence without authority so that you can move your projects ahead with more ease.

    Trust the experts

    Jenny Howe

    Jenny is a highly skilled Executive Coach and Facilitator who has for the past 20 years specialized in working with leaders at all levels in an organization to fully develop their potential in areas of transformational leadership, effective communication, strategic envisioning, succession plannin...


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    Vital Conversations at DeGroote School of Business

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    Nov 24, 2020

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