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About the course

For Any Business, Keeping Up With The Pace Of Change In The Economy Today Is No Easy Task. With Hundreds Of Startups Utilizing The Latest Technologies, Industry Disruption Can Come At Any Moment. That’s Why We Created The Executive Immersion Program Venture Capital Academy, A Program That Cuts Through The Noise Surrounding Innovation And Venture Investment. It Brings Participants Into Direct Contact With Expert Practitioners From The Field, Teaching Them The Strategies And Skills To Nurture And Invest In Startups.

Program Participants Will Connect With Leading Technology Companies, Premier Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists And Promising Startups. These Interactive Sessions Provide Both Data On Current Trends And Insights Into How Those Trends Are Shaping The Future Of The Startup Ecosystem And Venture Capital. Having Gained That Knowledge, Participants Will Then Be Ready To Lead Their Own Initiatives In Innovation And Venture Investment.

In 20 Interactive Sessions Venture Capital Academy Connects Participants To Silicon Valley’s Leading Technology Companies, Venture Capitalists And Startups. The Program Teaches The Skills And Strategies To Harness Emerging Technologies And Digital Business Models Through Venture Investment. Topics Covered Include:

AI, Data-Driven Venture Capital

Venture capital is as dedicated as it ever has been to nurturing big ideas and technology breakthroughs. But the sector is changing, with greater use of AI and a more data-driven approach coming into the mainstream. What will these developments mean for how venture capital will operate in future? Will it help the industry spot the next “unicorn” startup? Program participants will learn answers to those questions as they meet some of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital innovators.

Startup Incubation and Acceleration

Many of today’s multi-billion dollar companies started out in the incubators and accelerators of Silicon Valley. But with more and more founders trying to go it alone without outside investment, can these institutions remain at the leading-edge of innovation? Venture Capital Academy takes participants to a top Silicon Valley startup accelerator to learn the practices and processes of the sector and see how they are changing to meet the demands of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Automation of Insights with Big Data Analytics

All firms today are essentially software companies, consuming vast amounts of data. Helping them do this are the tech startups that have built the next generation of data management platforms. These applications autonomously combine structured and unstructured data, using artificial intelligence to extract insights that can inform both day-to-day management and long-term corporate strategy. During Venture Capital Academy, participants will learn how this big data analytics is changing the face of industries and where it will lead next, as they meet leading data analytics innovators.

Employee Engagement and Culture Building

Growing a company is an undertaking fraught with highs and lows, with countless obstacles to be overcome. That’s why understanding how to create the right working culture, capable of weathering any storm, is essential to all startups and venture capitalists. A wave of innovators has appeared in recent years to disrupt this area, building web and mobile applications through which companies can engage their employees like never before. How are they helping young companies create cultures of innovation and success, and how can venture capitalists best contribute to the process? Venture Capital Academy will answer those questions and many others as participants connect to leaders in employee engagement and culture-building.


Day 1


Day 1 of Venture Capital Academy is an intense introduction to the world of Silicon Valley venture investment. Program participants will dive into AI-powered, data-driven venture capital, corporate innovation, startup incubation, and angel investment. They will meet a range of leading innovators in each of these fields such as Menlo Ventures, Google, 500 Startups and Mindrock Capital. Other potential participating companies include: Dupont, Hewlett Packard, BootUP, Y Combinator, AngelList

Day 2


The journey continues on day 2 as program participants meet industry disruptors and unicorn startups. They will also engage with the next wave of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley’s higher education institutions, and with large corporations that are veterans in collaborating with startups. Participating companies include Udemy, Airbnb, Jabil and Oracle. Other potential participating companies include: UL, Stanford University, Dash, Robinhood, Haas School of Business, Instacart

Day 3


On program day 3 participants will find out where investment opportunities lie in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT. They will see how insights are being automated with big data, how blockchain is moving beyond the proof of concept stage, and why IoT is disrupting a diverse range of fields from manufacturing to smart cities. Participants meet leading innovators from each of these fields as they learn how the technologies will transform a wide range of industries. The days’ sessions are led by companies such as Avaamo, Sinequa, Oasis Labs and Maana. Other potential participating companies include : IBM, Google, Nokia, Element Analytics, Stanford Blockchain Collective, Quid

Day 4


On day 4 of Venture Capital Academy participants will gain insight into how experts grow companies to lead in times of digital transformation. Sessions will cover topics such as leadership development with emerging technologies, disruption of talent recruitment and retention, and employee engagement and culture-building. Sessions are led by top companies in these fields such as Slack, Dropbox, Jobvite and Survey Monkey. Other potential participating companies include: Zoom, Asana, SmartRecruiters, Dynamic Signal, Lever

Day 5


On the final day of the program participants will apply the knowledge gained over the course of week in a series of practical workshops and startup showcases. Top Silicon Valley venture capitalists will lead sessions and discussion panels on venture capital strategy and on how to cultivate a unique approach to venture investment. A startup showcase provides participants with an opportunity to gain both a first-hand VC experience and exposure to innovation at its very earliest stages. Potential participating companies include: Sequoia Capital, Andressen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

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Venture Capital Investment at Silicon Valley Innovation Center

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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