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About the course

The purpose of this course is to improve your company’s profitability by promoting unique value-based offerings, bolder value-based pricing and successful value-based sales.

Why a two-day course on value-based offering, pricing and sales?

The urgent need for innovation in this area is driven by a set of issues;

  • Outdated pricing principles.
  • The prevailing cost-plus and price-per-physical-unit way of thinking.
  • Not getting payed for delivered added value.
  • The challenges that occur when we integrate forward and deliver more and new services on the installed base. Services that are based on full deployment of embedded systems, sensors, IoT, Big Data and high capacity broadbands.
  • Completely disrupted business models.

From the content:

  • Unique offerings and value propositions.
  • Developing prices – an unconventional take on how to change the price levels customers are willing to pay.
  • Identifying value: improve both margins and customer satisfaction.
  • Target customer profiles to improve hit-rates and reduce quotation/sales costs.
  • The business process and how to ‘marry’ product development and sales.
  • Marketing and communicating your value message, including quotations.
  • Negotiation and contracts – commercial best practices.


Lectures in combination with breakout sessions; to anchor the message into the participants own realities.

Who should attend

You who have a significant role in the development of products and services, design of offerings, pricing, sales, or in any other relevant interaction with the customers businesses. And you who represent purchasing in these customer businesses. The main focus is on the needs of technology-based businesses in a B2B context.

Trust the experts

Anders Holmström

Program Director at KTH Executive School. Management Consultant KTH Advisory Services. Chairman of the board of AB Energivärden. Facilitator at Chamber Business Networks. Fan of the idea that Business of Technology is one of the pillars on which the future prosperity of mankind will rest. Progr...


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Value-Based Offering, Pricing and Sales

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