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Stanford Continuing Studies

Unleashing Your Creative Leadership – the Four Intelligences

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An IBM research study of 1,500 global CEOs found that creativity is the most important competency a leader can have. Why? Because we are facing change at an unprecedented speed due to the complexity, interconnectedness, and dynamics of our technology and business realities. Creative leadership is not limited to developing new products; it extends to culture, community, and collaboration. And it requires you to tap into four different intelligences: cognitive (mental), emotional (feeling), physical (somatic), and perceptive (subtle body).

In this two-day workshop, we will explore each of these intelligences, using a proprietary Archetypal Blueprint map and interactive exercises. You will learn how perceptive intelligence can help you read a situation at a deeper and more subtle level, which, in turn, gives you more data, choice, and control. We will apply these tools to real-life situations such as work/life balance and team collaboration issues. By the end of the workshop, you will know how to lead teams and organizations with greater creative intelligence and be better able to solve sticky, recurring, or complex business issues. You will also have the tools for tackling problems, small and large, in a more resourceful and confident way.


After 20+ years of experience working with leaders on a global scale, there are a few things Kathi has noticed. Few people fully use the resources and intelligences available to get them want they really desire. Kathi has identified the 4 major intelligences we all possess, and developed a method...


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