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Understanding the Agribusiness Value Chain

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About the course

This programme focuses on understanding the agribusiness value chain as well as exposing participants to the viability of the different agribusiness value chain. The programme provides a new way of perceiving and interpreting reality for the sector’s managers and leaders. The purpose is to help managers and leaders abandon the perceptions that have defined their performance to date while giving them new tools for interpreting the realities of today’s agribusiness environment.

The program will take you away from the traditional mind-set to the much more pragmatic system approach or strategic thinking mind-set. The aim is to provide participants with knowledge and business skills of operating a typical agribusiness value chain in Africa.

The format of this three days programme has been designed recognizing the participant’s busy schedule, especially for those attending from out of Lagos. The participant also learns without group or peer pressure, as all participants may or may not have prior knowledge of investing in the agricultural sector. A small class size is maintained to ensure close faculty attention and foster individual learning. The learning model will be based on the use of case study method and practical experience sharing.

Key Learning Outcome

The aim is to provide participants with a broad knowledge of the agribusiness sector with a view to understanding the uniqueness of the sector and understanding the long term viability of investing in the sector. The course opens participants and investors to the challenges, opportunities and diversity of the agribusiness value chain.

Programme Curriculum

  • Introduction to agribusiness value chain
  • Critical/ thinking and understanding the agribusiness value chain/Getting Started in the Agri-Value Chain
  • Agricultural Sector Analysis. Managing Man, Machine, Technology in the Typical Agribusiness Setting.
  • Introduction to the Greenhouse Technology/Understanding the Vegetables/Tomato/Pepper Value chain. Opportunities and Challenges
  • Understanding the Cassava Value Chain: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Understanding the Poultry/Feed Mill Value Chain: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Understanding the Cat Fish/Scaly Fish Value Chain: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Understanding the Pig Value Chain: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Understanding the Sheep/Goat/Cattle Value Chain

Programme Curriculum

The programme content is broken down into the following

  • The psychology of Decision Making
  • Personality and Decision Making
  • Judgment & Decision Making (Simulation)
  • Decision Making as Process
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Gathering Intelligence
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • Group Dynamics and the Decision Making Process
  • Dealing with Uncertainty and the Constraint of Time

Who should attend

This program is designed to benefit:

Junior and senior executives, agribusiness entrepreneurs, operators in the distribution, packaging, sales and marketing and logistics in the agribusiness sector. The course also is useful for those in different sectors that are about retiring to the agricultural sector. The seminar is open to owner managers, senior executives/managers and other professionals without agricultural science background, knowledge or skills, who are interested in entering the agribusiness sector.

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Frank Ojadi

Dr Frank Ojadi obtained a bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics from University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), MBA from the Maarstricht School of Management, Netherlands and PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from University of Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been a facu...


Ikechukwu ​Kelikume

Ikechukwu Kelikume is currently a doctoral student of the Swiss University of Economics (SMC University, Switzerland) and leads sessions in microeconomic and macroeconomic environment of business at Lagos Business School. Ike undertakes research and consults in areas which include macroeconomic ...


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