Understanding FinTech & Cryptocurrencies

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About the course

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview for people either working in or interested in innovating in this space creating products and access to services supported by technology. Critical thinking is encouraged whilst the latest developments are shared and discussed.

The course will also cover blockchain, digital signatures and cryptocurrencies and the underlying mechanisms. In order to understand the workings, we breakdown the digital ledger technology into its hashes and blocks before chaining them together to the block chain. Comparing Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies is also addressed.

After the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of FinTech in the wider industry
  • Identify areas where FinTech will revolutionise banking and finance industry
  • Spot processes that can be enabled by digitalisation
  • Identify the threats FinTech poses to the incumbent banking and financial industries
  • Appreciate the changes required in trading and sales operations
  • Spot business development opportunities
  • Explain blockchains, digital signatures and cryptocurrencies and the future of currency
  • Explain the possibility of currencies existing without the involvement of a central bank
  • Appreciate how a cryptographic hash works (SHA-256)
  • Identify the risks and limitations of Digital Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Understand the different cryptocurrencies
  • Identify already existing threats from non-banks

How You Will Learn

In-depth discussions and practical sessions involving specific transactions

You will cover:

Retail banking; Credit assessment; Payments and correspondent banking; Commercial and corporate banking; Trading and investment banking; Corporate finance and M&A; Asset and investment management; Private banking and wealth management; Research and analysis; Insurance (InsurTech); Regulation and compliance (RegTech)

With practical exercises including How FinTech Disrupts Banking and Financial Services; plus testing some of FinTech’s new technologies in a real-life scenario

Agenda Summary

  • FinTech: Technological change
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Digitalisation of Banking Services
  • Banking the Future – The Digitally Enabled Bank
  • Examples of How Digitalisation is Changing Existing Business Models
  • Big Data
  • Digitalisation of the Business Model: The Real Disruption
  • How to Regulate the Industry
  • Business Opportunities
  • Business Model Innovation
  • From Fiat Currencies to Cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptography and Digital Signatures
  • How Does the Blockchain Work?
  • Blockchain Demo
  • Different Miners
  • Security Issues
  • Practical Issues
  • The Programmable Nature of the Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Applications of The Digital Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Setting up Your Own Cryptocurrency Account

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Petros Geroulanos

Petros Geroulanos has over 25 years of professional experience in trading, sales and product development. He has trained tens of thousands of participants originating from more than 100 countries working at 400 different companies. He has conducted workshops in more than 30 countries in Europe,...


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Understanding FinTech & Cryptocurrencies at IFF Training

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Apr 28—29, 2020

London, United Kingdom


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