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Treasury Products Workshop

Oct 7—10, 2019
4 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 4195 ≈USD 5325
GBP 1048 per day
Oct 22—25, 2019
4 days
USD 4995
USD 1248 per day

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Discover cash treasury products and derivative products at this course

Sound treasury management ultilises the right financial products to manage risk, capitalize cashflow and minimise debt financing. This 4-day programme will therefore provide you a comprehensive understanding of the products used by banks and corporate treasuries in today's successful treasury management, an insight into the best borrowing sources and investments and when and how to use them, together with an insight into the essential processes to the smooth day-to-day running of your insitution's finances. The course also provides an overview of the structure and key functions of the treasury and how to implement a robust risk management strategy to weather today's tough market conditions.


  • The programme uses traditional tried and tested techniques including lectures, worked examples, realistic case studies and role-plays
  • The programme is designed to show the products in a highly practical way, without overcomplication and with clear illustrations so that participants may really understand key concepts
  • Comprehensive product notes are provided for future reference

The course will demonstrate cash treasury products and derivative products, including:

  • Description and definition of each product
  • How the product price is arrived at
  • Market jargon and terminology
  • Product applications and uses
  • Risk factors of using products
  • Key product strategies
  • Product marketing and selling characteristics
  • Product marketing case studies and roleplay


Day 1

Cash market products and money market products

A review of what money markets are Time deposits

  • As investments
  • As short-term funding
  • Placing and recovery
  • Domestic and off-shore

Certificates of deposit

  • As investments
  • Benefits in liquidity management
  • Enhancing returns by trading

Bill of exchange, promissory notes and commercial paper

  • As sources of short-term finance
  • As investments
  • Operating clean acceptances
  • Operating documentary acceptances
  • Evaluating costs

Sale and repurchase agreements

  • Uses in raising cash
  • Uses in reverse repo

Day 2

Foreign exchange market products A review of some forex mechanics

  • How the market operates
  • How spot rates are quoted
  • How forward rates are quotes

Spot foreign exchange transactions

  • Delivery and operations
  • Assumption of risk and exposures

Forward foreign exchange outrights

  • Costs and gains from interest differentials
  • Forward options
  • Constructing the hedge
  • Evaluating its outcome

Foreign exchange swaps

  • Uses in liquidity management
  • Funding and investment swaps
  • Time management and position moving

Day 3

Derivative market products

A checklist of derivative products

  • What are derivative products?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What are the general risks in these products?
  • Gearing and leverage
  • Contracts for differences

Futures contracts General overview of exchanges, terminology and principles Currency futures

  • Creating FX hedges and their evaluation

Time deposit futures

  • Hedging money market borrowing and investment income

Bond futures

  • As surrogate bonds
  • General principles of trading and hedging

Swaps contracts Long-term currency and interest-rate swaps

  • General overview of the swaps market
  • Cross currency index swaps
  • Creating fixed to fixed swaps
  • Creating long-dated FX contracts
  • Long-term foreign currency funding
  • Improving market access
  • Hedging long-term cashflows
  • Interest rate (plain vanilla) coupon swaps
  • Index swaps
  • Amortising swaps
  • Forward start swaps
  • Hedging future long-term funding issues

Day 4 Using options

Currency and interest rate options

  • Using options to manage currency risk
  • The decision taking process
  • Setting up strategies
  • Premium reduction strategies

Interest rate options

  • The decision taking process
  • Setting up strategies
  • Premium reduction strategies

Caps and floors

  • Using options in the medium term
  • Premium reduction devices

Course summary and close


The Course Director was the Strategic Development Manager at the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE), where he was responsible for the research and definition of new specialist swap and risk transfer contracts. Prior to this, he was Head of Interest Rate Product Development wi...


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Oct 7—10, 2019
4 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 4195 ≈USD 5325
GBP 1048 per day
Oct 22—25, 2019
4 days
USD 4995
USD 1248 per day

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