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Ashridge Executive Education

Translating Strategy Into Action

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Jun 19—21
3 days
Berkhamsted, UK
GBP 4500 ≈USD 5841
GBP 1500 per day




In the last decade, innovation has rapidly disrupted the world of business. Markets are calling for something new and organizations need to create strategic responses in order to maintain their competitive edge. However, our research suggests that 70% of strategic plans fail to be executed.

On the Translating Strategy into Action course, you will learn simple yet powerful, tools to become the 30% that actually drives abstract strategy from conception all the way through to completion. From analyzing famous cinematic battle scenes to understanding the link behind behavioral influence and strategy translation, you'll learn how to design successful execution roadmaps and overcome cultural blocks within your firm.

What will I learn?

Our research indicates that 70% of strategic plans fail to be executed and commonly dissolve away due to cultural blocks. In this course, you’ll learn how to implement strategy and understand what the blockers for successful execution might be. Under the management process we call ‘translation’, you’ll learn the particular skills needed to become the 30% that actually drive strategic plans all the way through to completion. This course will equip you with a set of practical, simple, but powerful tools and organizing frameworks to turn strategy into action and get results in an increasingly unpredictable world.

By the end of the program, you will understand how to:

  • Overcome ambiguity and barriers to strategy execution
  • Create successful execution roadmaps
  • Work with behaviors and values to engage teams and gain stakeholder buy-in to enable execution and ensure lasting change

More than just academics, our professors are accomplished business professionals in their own right, so you’ll learn from their real-world business experience.

Why learn with us?

To maximize the relevancy and business impact of the course, we’ll engage with you before your arrival so that you identify execution challenges you’re facing in your organization. Post-course, you’ll complete a final project related to this challenge, and earn a Certificate of Application as a result. With over 50 years of experience consulting with organizations, we’ve mastered the technique of bringing strategic frameworks to life in innovative ways. Through analyzing famous cinematic battle scenes and modern relevant case studies— among other methods—you’ll learn the link behind behavioral influence and strategy translation. A virtual follow-up with a tutor after the course will provide an opportunity for you to review progress in applying your learning in the workplace, and gain additional support as you complete your final project. Whether you study in Ashridge or Dubai, our internationally sourced faculty and campus network will enable us to provide business education that is both globally relevant and adapted for the local context.

Who should attend

You are a manager tasked with implementing strategy and you need to equip yourself with the necessary tools to turn strategy into action in order to achieve results for your organization.


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Detailed Description
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