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Transformational Leadership: Building a Leadership Culture

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About the course

This course looks at the role of transformational leadership in creating healthy, respectful, and engaged teams where innovation is valued and accountability is key. You will be asked to reflect on, explore, and understand your personal leadership as it relates to these key areas. It also calls on you to establish the necessary on-going habits and processes for the very highest levels of leadership effectiveness.

We will examine, on a fundamental level, how your own personal values, beliefs, mental models, and everyday practices are driving your leadership behavior, and how that is influencing and impacting the teams you lead. As part of that exploration, you will complete an emotional intelligence self-assessment, and identify and commit to specific development goals which will be examined in the second part of the course.

Topics Covered:

  • Explore the fundamentals of your leadership effectiveness through a philosophy of ‘Who You Are is How You Lead’.
  • Determine the founding principles and concepts of transformational leadership.
  • Explore the role of emotional intelligence (EQ), and emotionally effective leadership.
  • Assess your current leadership effectiveness to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth.
  • Create a structured action plan to develop key areas of your emotional intelligence.
  • Develop and commit to a plan for the continuous improvement of leadership abilities.

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Drew Bird

Strong, effective leaders have the power to make a difference in people’s lives, but only if they’re given the tools to do so. My tool of choice is emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ training and strategies allow leaders to remain engaged with those they manage while making critical strategic- and p...


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