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Transformation With Purpose

Sep 1, 2019—May 30, 2020
55 daysModules info
Madrid, Spain

How it works



Your high levels of energy and positive vitality together with progress in science and medicine help you remain healthier for longer. The individual’s late 40s to 60s will emerge as creative new decades of renewal, impact and wisdom. We now have the opportunity to craft another chapter in our lives, a new path that allows us to reorient our lives and transform our passions into something altogether new and exciting that contributes to make a large and important difference in the world around us.

The Transformation with Purpose Fellowship (TPF) endeavors to provide a creative energizing experience to accomplished global leaders, from all walks of life. The TPF, gives them access to new, thought-provoking experiences led by best in class educators, speakers and mentors. In parallel, participants will integrate a thriving community of like-minded individuals, while enjoying a personal transformation that ignites individual purpose and defines a new ambitious and rich professional life.

IE University as a premier global academic institution is uniquely positioned to facilitate this experience with its blend of thought leadership and actual drive for innovation and entrepreneurship.


A personalized exploratory and educational experience can be a powerful lever to help participants formulate and pursue their vision for a different future. To enable their transition the TPF will focus on cultivating each participant’s knowledge, mindset and skill set based on the following building blocks.

02Pathways can be crafted along the following broad themes: technology and human disruption, humanities in a multicultural world, global order and international relations, intelligent cities and environment, health and wellbeing.

A core tenet of this initiative is that actual self-awareness and reflection are necessary but not sufficient for sucessful transition; experimentation with project-based exposure to real entrepreneurs, company advisors, board members, social agents and researchers will deliver the unique insights to make participants more comfortable with their decisions for the future and possibly allow bolder transitions when relevant.

The program starts in January 2019 in Madrid and will last approximately six months, with graduation in June 2019 and the option to extend.

During this time, participants will enjoy two field trips: one week in South Africa exploring global trends up close and a few days experiencing the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain.

Significant others are welcome.


During this immersive experience participants will have the opportunity to contextualize their existing know-how and network, renew their sense of purpose, and build a plan to pursue the next phase of their personal and professional trajectory. As a result, the TPF will:

  • Enable the formulation of an individual vision for participants.
  • Experiment with new roles and topics of interest with an exploratory mind.
  • Build the personal capabilities and network of relationships needed to realize the vision.
  • Guide the articulation, translation and understanding of that vision into a plan of action.

Who should attend


  • …you are hungry for impact and believe you have a unique wealth of experience but also a long enough life to invest in acquiring new skills and perspectives that will multiply your impact so that you continue to deliver on both your new personal and professional ambitions.
  • …have a strong hypothesis of where you want to take the next chapter yet would benefit from guidance from a community of like-minded peers and personalized opportunities for experimentation.
  • …you feel you have been fortunate enough to fully leverage the opportunities you have been given and want to give back to your community, to society in an impactful and thoughtful manner.
  • …you have reached one of the top leadership roles in your organization and you feel it is about time to pursue other unattended interests and passions that could be equally rewarding and productive.
  • …you have invested in starting, growing and exiting a business and you are ready for another meaningful adventure in your life, but value the time and company of equally ambitious individuals to structure your exploration and make the next decision.

This iniciative is for you if you are looking for your next chapter in your professional life, and you want that next chapter to be truly different and meaningful.


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Detailed Description
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