Transaction Banking: Understanding Services, Applications and Products

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About the course

Learn to significantly grow the share of cash management business

This two day Transaction Banking Masterclass is an intensive course covering all aspects of Transaction Services, both from a corporate treasury and a transaction banking perspective. Topics focus on FX, Liquidity, Risk, Technology, Trade & Supply Chain Finance as these form a fundamental part of the transaction service from a companies perspective. The course ensures that all participants are brought up to speed by fully understanding the role of the Corporate Treasurer, as well as insight into how the Treasury Department and Company itself operates as a whole. The course does this by uncovering the needs and challenges of the treasurers clients, their working practices, routines and procedures. By doing this, participants will become better equipped with the services which they can sell to their respective client groups.

Participants will leave the Masterclass with an enhanced understanding of the Transaction Services needed by the client and what it will take for the Transaction Banking team to meet these needs. By this understanding, participants should gain insight into how to significantly grow the share of cash management business and increase mandate wins.

Learning Objectives

After this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how and why a company manages its transactions and cash
  • Appreciate what a corporate treasurer does in a typical day
  • Understand how the bank’s transaction banking products and services can meet the needs of the corporate customer
  • Understand the cash and liquidity management offering from their own bank
  • The impact of these services on the banks balance sheet and funding requirements
  • Understand how to offer an integrated transaction banking service to their clients including treasury, FX trade finance, supply chain, cash management, product and sales knowledge.
  • New trends within the payment landscape like, open banking, On- and offline payments and infrastructure like Swift and Blockchain
  • Apply what has been learned in an integrated business case

This training will allow bank staff to better understand how the bank’s transaction banking solutions can support its customers in a way that is both efficient and financially rewarding


*Day 1: Transaction Banking Business Model *

The Business model and relevancy of Transaction banking and the need for Liabilities

  • What is transaction banking from a bank perspective
  • Business model of a transaction bank and its relation to Liability gathering of the bank

An Overview of corporate treasury: What is cash and liquidity management and why is it important to corporates?

  • Liquidity management, Balance management and Fund management
  • Cash Flow management, Execution of commercial, treasury transactions & Working Capital
  • Funding and Risk management (Interest and FX)

The treasury policy – Treasury manual

  • From treasury policy, controls, to instruments used to execute the treasury policy and meet the treasury objectives

The Treasury organization and its processes

Different treasury models and KPIs

  • How is the treasury organisation organised to meet the company’s strategy, KPI’s and de-centralised versus centralised model

How technology enables the ecosystem,

  • Digital transformation of the ecosystem,
  • Technology, Open Banking, Fintech, Omnichannel, Near banking   Day 2: Clients Cash to Cash Cycle and application

The cash to cash cycle and mitigating risk

How is Transaction banking supporting the customers’ needs and linking in the fundamentals of transactions

  • Clearing and settlement and the different actors including SWIFT
  • Fundamentals of payment instruments in relation to Cash & Liquidity management
  • payment instruments: Wire, ACH, Checks and Cards;
  • collection instruments: Direct Debits, Letter of credits, Cards (Merchant services);
  • Trends and developments, particularly in the disintermediation, new providers, Instant payments, E & M commerce, API’s and blockchain application.
  • Local practice and developments (Banks SME/ product manager)

Cash management should support the business - Cash, liquidity and FX awareness

Managing the firm’s liquidity, Cash concentration, cash pooling and Cash & liquidity investments Application for the afternoon

Intensive Corporate treasury case

  • This is a group work assignment whereby the different groups will work on the same case.
  • Thereafter we will do a plenary debrief.


Joost Bergen

Joost Bergen is the Owner and Senior Advisor of Cash Dynamics, a boutique advisory and training firm. Joost is a broadly oriented senior finance professional raised as an advisor and trained as a banker, with working experience within corporates and banks. Through his career Joost has worked for ...

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Transaction Banking: Understanding Services, Applications and Products at Euromoney Learning Solutions

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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