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TMI/Wharton Global Fellow Program in Talent Management

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About the course

For today’s HR professionals seeking to become tomorrow’s business leaders, the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow Program is a transformational experience designed to help them reach their goals.

This highly selective year-long program brings together some of the world’s preeminent HR thought leaders and practitioners to explore the dynamic discipline of talent management. It is designed to move beyond today’s HR status quo, examining cutting-edge research and developing powerful new best practices. Participants who successfully complete all requirements of this rigorous program will be awarded the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow of Talent Management credential.

TMI/Wharton Global Fellow Program Highlights & Benefits

  • Use Wharton’s knowledge to refine, strengthen and expand your perspective for leveraging talent in leading organizations through flux
  • Enrich your philosophy and understanding of building enduring organizations and businesses through the latest in HR and talent management
  • Experience the transformative personal and professional development essential for moving from HR leadership to high-impact organizational leadership
  • Harness the Wharton experience for developing a powerful network of fellow global HR leaders
  • Earn the Global Fellow of Talent Management credential from Wharton, one of the world’s most esteemed business schools, and TMI, the world’s most trusted talent management standards and credentialing body

Experience & Impact

The TMI-Wharton Global Fellow Program in Talent Management is comprised of six learning stages covering 30 courses that may be completed over 12 to 15 months. The program includes two visits to the Wharton School for residential MasterClasses. A Global Fellow Certification examination is held at the completion of MasterClass-2, and the Global Fellow of Talent Management credential is awarded to participants who successfully complete all program requirements. Participants also get to earn the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow of Talent Management credential after completing the Stage 3 of this 6-stage program. This credential will automatically expire, once participants earn the Global Fellow of Talent Management credential.

Highly selective, the program is limited to 30 high-potential HR professionals. Participants will develop greater confidence as leaders, more capable of facing the range of professional challenges inherent in a dynamically changing workplace. They will learn from world-renowned talent management experts who share cutting-edge research and best practices that can be put into practice immediately. Participants will also build a strong network of high-achieving peers that continues to provide guidance and support long after the program has ended.

Transformational Learning in Six Stages

This program provides six distinct learning experiences:

  • Stage one: A program of self-study includes three courses that provide a current examination of the evolving science of Talent Management. This stage will build a common vocabulary and core of knowledge, setting the stage for the learning that follows.
  • Stages two and five: Five exclusive Wharton online courses offer world-renowned expertise and instruction in competitive advantage, business strategy, HR management, and people analytics.
  • Stage three: A five-day Master Class, led by Wharton professors at the School’s Philadelphia campus, is an intensive learning experience designed to grow and strengthen professional expertise. Instruction includes the latest research and best practices while leveraging the knowledge, experience, and insights of the participants. This stage was designed to empower participants to transform their leadership, their organizations, and the HR profession.
  • Stage four: Business case development requires participants to use the learnings of the Master Class to write a business case that successfully resolves an organization-level challenge.
  • Stage six: A second Wharton experience allows participants to attend one of five Executive Education programs that best aligns with their professional goals. These programs will further develop a strategic business and leadership perspective required to practice Talent Management leadership in real-world organizations experiencing continual and unforeseen challenges. Learn more about the details of the Transformational Learning segment of the Global Fellow Program in Talent Management on TMI's website.

Participants facing a challenge in completing their program due to personal reasons in a particular edition can request for a deferment to the next edition. This deferment will permit them to resume the program with participants of the next edition of the program, exactly from the stage where they paused in the last edition.

Talent Management Institute

This program is developed in partnership with the Talent Management Institute, a global leader in talent management credentialing for executives and organizations. TMI also provides research-based standards and frameworks that support the integration of talent management into both organizational HR practices and managerial and leadership responsibilities.

Who should attend

Applicants to the Global Fellow Program have already achieved a high level of professional success. They may be HR executives (including CHROs), academics, researchers, educators, or consultants. All applicants meet the work experience and education requirements of one of two candidacy tracks, and seek admittance to the program to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

Candidacy Tracks

There are four tracks for senior HR professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to earn the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow credential:

Global Fellow Track 1

The Requirement:

Master's Degree/Master's Level Diploma in HRM/Business/Management/Related Disciplines from an accredited institution.

The applicant should have completed the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow in Talent Management program successfully and passed all prescribed assessments.

Global Fellow Track 2

Minimum Qualification Required:

Bachelor’s Degree/Master's Level Diploma in HRM/ Business/Management/ Related Disciplines from an accredited institution.

Minimum Work Experience:

15 years or more, with a minimum of 10 years in an HR sub-function(s)

Global Fellow Track 3

Minimum Qualification Required:

Master's Degree/Master's Level Diploma in HRM/Business/Management/Related Disciplines from an accredited institution.

Minimum Work Experience: 12 years or more, with a minimum of 7 years in an HR sub-function(s)

Global Fellow Track 4

Minimum Qualification Required:

Doctorate/PhD/Fellow in any aspect of HRM from an accredited institution.

Minimum Work Experience:

10 years or more in an HR sub–function(s) or related function(s).

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Peter Cappelli

Peter Cappelli is the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources.  He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, MA, served as Senior Advisor to the Kingdom of Bahrain for Employme...


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