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Think on Your Feet ®

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May 13—14
2 days
SGD 1177 ≈USD 867
SGD 588 per day
Jun 24—25
2 days
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SGD 588 per day
Jul 29—30
2 days
SGD 1177 ≈USD 867
SGD 588 per day
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  • You don’t have time to prepare.
  • But your ideas are important.
  • How to be clear, brief and memorable?
  • Think on Your Feet means less time, more impact. And on the rare occasions you have time, the same techniques slash preparation for the ‘big pitch’.
  • The secret?
  • The capsules of persuasion concept: Ways to package ideas quickly.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes

Getting your message right the first time, and being remembered, is critical.

It's both a huge time saver for you, your team, and your organisation AND

It’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary when you want to convince others of your ideas.

Learning Outcomes

• Structure ideas simply and persuasively

• Flesh-out ideas with memorable examples

• Target listeners' core concerns

• Simplify complex information. Avoid information overload — condense your thoughts

• Get to the point and be remembered

• Handle objections positively

• Answer questions quickly and coherently

• Deal with hostile situations and emotional issues

Programme Outline

Practice, coaching and feedback on

• Getting to the Point & Being Remembered

• Presenting Your Ideas with Speed & Clarity

• Using Handy Fall-Back Techniques When You’re Caught Off Guard

• Handling Questions Quickly, Clearly and Persuasively

• Using “Visual” Pegs as Your Structure

• Dividing Information into Facets, Aspects or Perspectives

• Bridging from Question to Answer

• Expanding or Focusing Your Listener’s Perspective

• Moving Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground

• Selling the Benefits of Your Ideas, Products and Services

• Illustrating Your Ideas

• Telling a Story: What? Where? When? Why?

• Putting it All Together

• Think on Your Feet Speed Networking

Who should attend

Level 1 - Administrative & Support

Level 2 - Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers

Level 3 - New Managers &

Level 4 - Managers and anyone who wants to be clear and spontaneous on their speeches, may it be formal or informal.

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