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The Think Like a Re-Founder programme is a Corporate Leadership Bootcamp in “Intre”preneurship, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, the Lean Canvas, Customer Experience Strategy and Globally Responsible Leadership practice.

In order for corporations to regain and maintain growth trajectories, it must start at the very top. To generate new growth, CEOs must stop thinking of themselves as chief managers and start thinking of themselves as refounders.

Refounders are leaders who, despite not having started the company, think with the mindset of a founder. They do not focus their energies on incremental growth through endless optimisation, but instead look to leverage their company’s assets to build new offerings, move into new markets, and create next-generation solutions.*

The Think Like a Re-Founder programme is a Corporate Leadership Bootcamp in “Intre”preneurship, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, the Lean Canvas, Customer Experience Strategy and Globally Responsible Leadership practice.

This 3 day immersion is a dynamic mix of short instruction, rapid prototyping and iteration, and guided, hands-on teamwork.

  • Do you have a pioneering spirit but feel trapped within the cultural confines of a big corporate?
  • Are you constantly reflecting on how to reinvent your products, disrupt your industry, or to transform your customer experience but lack the toolkit?
  • Are you searching for breakthrough product design or disruptive business models to replace outdated ones?

What Is Think Like a Re-Founder?

The world’s most successful companies have something in common. They are led by leaders with a startup founder mindset, a culture for failing fast and the business methodologies and processes that result in breakthrough innovation.

Think like a Re-Founder has been designed for corporate visionaries, game changers and challengers seeking to adopt a new skillset and toolkit to disrupt their industry, reengineer their business models and/or future proof their organisations.

A ‘Design Thinking’ class by itself, is not enough. This often results in people delivering breakthrough products that they then cannot execute into the business either due to current ‘mindset’, ‘lack of commercial rationale’, a value chain or business model that does not support its implementation, time to market or time to revenue - or a simple disconnect to the desired customer experience.

In this programme, you will

  • Reprogramme your current ‘Mindset’
  • Understand what makes an “investment worthy” proposition
  • Reengineer your products for breakthrough innovation
  • Acquire the toolkit that leads your organisation through the digital transformation of its value chain for delivery against the desired customer experience, and accelerate your time to market and time to revenue
  • Redesign the business model for industry disruption

By stepping into the shoes of a serial Entrepreneur, this 3-day Executive programme takes you on an Imagineering journey to master the tools used in Ideation, Commercialisation, Business Model innovation, Re/Invention and Business Process reengineering. The intense in-class activities and discussions will develop a breed of effective globally responsible leaders who can operate effectively in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment to transform their organisation to not only survive but thrive in the new economy.

Who should attend

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the key pillars of growth and the main sources of value and wealth creation for companies in the 21st Century.

Think like a Re-Founder is designed for corporate leaders who are seeking to reinvent themselves and their organisations as Founders/Re-Founders. You will learn what it takes to develop your pioneering spirit and build a culture of invention and innovation within your company.

Think like a Re-Founder will arm you to explore, learn, and experience the basic theory and practices of Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, the Lean Canvas, Channel Customer Experience Strategy and Globally Responsible Leadership practice.

Think like a Re-Founder is for Senior Executives who want to be armed with the cutting-edge tools to deliver a competitive advantage to their organisations that can result in breakthrough innovation, reengineering for customer experience, and business model transformation.


An accomplished innovator and entrepreneur, Leesa Soulodre has 20+ years’ experience leading technology and consulting companies from seed to $14B USD into new markets. She has shared the exhilaration of 1 IPO, a number of exits and the hard knocks of lessons learned. Leesa holds 15+ years of Dig...


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