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he Platform Economy Facing Disruption?

Amazon predominates the retail market and exploits this position to expand into new business areas. Google has gained data sovereignty through search algorithms. UBER prevails the taxi market, earning transaction fees without operating taxis. Decentralized platforms automate and democratize such market orchestration and provide fairness! This provides the opportunity for Europe to reconcile Digitalization with our values and to protect European industry.

Discover the implications of decentralized platforms for your industry and your business model – and learn from companies already successfully applying distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) today.

The St.Gallen Blockchain Roundtable is a one-day event especially designed for multinational corporates who want to deeply immerse into the topic of decentralized platforms and their fundamental implications for different industries.

The Economy Platform, as we know it today, is on the verge of disruption, with completely new potential for innovation. Platform companies are exploiting the network effects of transaction platforms to obtain data sovereignty as well as to participate disproportionately in transaction fees. Decentralized platforms automate the platform orchestration using Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) such as Blockchain, thereby democratizing the entire platform economy. With the help of these effective tools, the value-adding companies of the platform network benefit from bringing their products and services directly (and without a middleman) to the customer, while at the same time continuing benefiting from the advantages of transaction platforms: Transparency and reduced transaction costs remain, data sovereignty and direct customer contact are also added.

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C-Level, SVPs, VPs from the European industry as well as the banking and insurance sectors.

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Oliver Gassmann

Professional Career Harvard Business School (2016) Stanford University, Center for Design Research (2012) University of Berkeley, Haas School of Business (2007) Schindler, Leiter R&D Technology Management (1994-2002) Teaching Activities Innovationsmanagement (Bachelor) Business Innovati...


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