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The Science of Being Memorable and Influencing Decisions

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Effective communication motivates an audience. When you communicate, you typically want your audience to be moved in the moment and to act in the future. But what influences their decisions? The answer is simple, yet complex: memory.

People make decisions in your favor based on what they remember. However, research confirms that audiences forget most of what you share. Likewise, they often experience decision fatigue. So how can your audiences act on what you say if they don’t remember most of it? And how do you drive toward specific decisions in the face of cognitive inertia?

By leveraging research in neuroscience and decision-making, this workshop will help answer these questions. Through interactive exercises and live research, you will learn and employ a series of best practices that will make your content (e.g., sales pitch, marketing message, training materials, finance review, or technical data) more memorable and likely to influence decisions. Specifically, you will learn three ways the brain makes decisions and how to create an optimal “10 percent message” that is easily remembered and linked to your key decision drivers. You will also learn how to influence memory with precision, determine specific choice variables that guide the brain, and use a five-step, persuasive template to spark action.

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Carmen Simon

Carmen Simon is the founder of Memzy, which helps corporations use brain science to create and deliver memorable messages. She has worked with AT&T, Google, Cisco, HP, Merck, McDonald’s, Xerox, and ESPN, among others. Her most recent book is called Impossible to Ignore, and has been selected ...


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