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Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education

The Purposeful Leader

Dec 10—12, 2019
3 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 7194 ≈USD 8813
GBP 2398 per day

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Senior managers in complex organisations operate in an environment that is time-sensitive and goal-orientated. Leaders today need to deliver in the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA) world whilst being acutely sensitive to their working environment.

Your current way of working may tend to focus on the operational/technical tasks of your role rather than the wider strategic context. This programme will help you see the importance of bringing your teams with you and gaining others’ commitment.

A 'purposeful leader' needs to be able to work effectively to ensure deliberate outcomes for themselves, the team and the organisation. The purposeful leader makes informed decisions to produce consistently higher performance from their teams.

The programme is intensive and highly experiential. You will hear the theory then immediately have the opportunity to experience yourself in simulated professional situations and learn from your own (and others') actions and reactions.

This will enable you to identify and understand the conscious and unconscious factors shaping your decisions, actions and habits. It will separate the demands of the role from personal preference and investigate modes of operation and examine fundamental choices about where and how time is spent.

The barriers to reaching full effectiveness are often unconscious and the programme will provide individual personal development time along with time and space for reflection to discover genuine personal insight.

Why Cambridge?

  • Brand new programme, drawing upon cutting-edge research
  • Accomplished faculty bringing together diverse experiences and perspectives on the challenges facing today's modern leaders
  • Focused and time-efficient, with pre- and post-programme learning
  • Includes coaching that works within your schedule
  • Highly experiential


"Learn to master your attention and you will be in command of where you, and your organisation, focus."

This programme will cover the importance of focusing on self, others and the organisation.

Focusing on "self" helps participants develop emotional intelligence, a key leadership capability:

  • Self-awareness: knowing one's strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and impact on others
  • Self-regulation: controlling or redirecting disruptive impulses and moods

Focusing on "others" enables participants to emerge as natural, authentic leaders:

  • Motivation: relishing achievement for its own sake
  • Empathy: understanding other people's emotional makeup
  • Social skill: building rapport with others to move them in desired directions

Focusing on the strategic context will improve participant’s ability to devise the critical components of strategy and manage change:

  • Develop an awareness of systems, stakeholders and influence
  • Identify their key competitive challenge
  • Strategy execution


A practical, focused three-day programme structured to address the challenges of leadership in the modern workplace.

  • Enhance your own, personalised authentic leadership style by making more informed decisions and choosing behaviours which will unlock consistently higher performance for you and your teams
  • Gain insight from leading edge academic research
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness through greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • This programme will help you see the importance of bringing your teams with you and gaining others' commitment
  • Getting the best out of yourself, your teams and the wider organisation

Who should attend

Experienced and successful senior managers leading teams, divisions or business units, who wish to better understand themselves and their leadership style in order to become more effective. Participants will work for organisations from any sector or industry.


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Dec 10—12, 2019
3 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 7194 ≈USD 8813
GBP 2398 per day

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