Asper School of Business

The Power of Branding

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Jan 31, 2020
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
CAD 600 ≈USD 452
CAD 600 per day


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About the course

Branding is an integral strategic asset for any organization. Senior leaders need to know how to 1) examine the core concepts of branding and execute a modern brand strategy; 2) manage product brand and reputation and 3) adopt and build tools to foster, protect and defend brand loyalty.

Why This Program?

Branding is often misconstrued to be just logos, advertisements and website designs, however, your brand represents much more than just the visual identity of your organization. It is what your organization promises to its customers. It represents what a customer can expect from your product or service, and what you offer that your competitor does not. Brand is developed from your organization’s mission and vision of who you want to be, and is influenced over time by how you are perceived by your customers. While a strong brand can wield significant benefits, organization’s inadequate brand management strategies often experience low customer loyalty, slipping sales, aging product platforms or an inability to meet changing customer needs. You will be introduced to a holistic and integrative approach to brand management that will provide you will the tools you can use to execute and manage your organization’s brand strategy.

Through this program you will:

  • Discover how to build a strong brand identity
  • Explore the challenges of protecting your brand and reputation
  • Learn how to differentiate from your competitors and turn your brand into a competitive advantage
  • Gain the tools needed to maximize the impact of your brand
  • Learn how to create a superior brand experience to create brand loyalty
  • Come away empowered with new knowledge and skills you can apply immediately to increase customer loyalty, competitive advantage and profitability

Who should attend

This program is well suited for senior managers and organization executives who seek to elevate the role of branding in their organizations.

Trust the experts

Fang Wan

Professor Fang Wan is a Professor of Marketing, Ross Johnson Research fellow at the Asper School of Business of the University of Manitoba, Canada. She joined Aper School in 2003. Her research interests include Brand Management, Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior and Media and Advertising Effects. ...


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