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The New Science of Marketing

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Drive immediate business results with our intensive, three-day program that explores behavioral science, digital media, and data analytics

Developed in concert with Yale Center for Customer Insights, the New Science of Marketing program answers the three top concerns heard most frequently with consulting with today’s global marketing leaders – how to better unearth consumer insights, how to engage with consumers in today’s digital world and how to use big data for the greatest impact.

The New Science of Marketing program, developed in concert with Yale Center for Customer Insights, answers the three top concerns we hear from global marketing leaders – how to better unearth consumer insights, how to engage with consumers in today’s digital world and how to use big data for the greatest impact.

The New Science of Marketing is a program designed to exponentially increase your understanding of variables affecting modern marketing practices and to give you tools specific to improving your own organization’s practices. Our professors are world leaders in the fields of behavioral economics and data analytics—this type of cutting edge research is only available at the Yale School of Management.

With this program, you not only gain access to that research, but are in conversation with the professors themselves, as well as your peers, as you work through these new practices. This research has changed and is continuing to change the way organizations market to their customers, we want you to be a part of this new wave of marketing tactics.


Learn how to drive better business results using cutting-edge behavioral research to:

  • Reimagine your customer’s journey in the digital age
  • Utilize the digital social network as a listening tool, brand builder and design development lab
  • Design memorable customer experiences
  • Better frame your brand value
  • Optimize your decision making with Big Data
  • Integrate new data streams to supercharge your CRM

Topics covered

Grounded in Yale’s faculty research, the course systematically unpacks three critical areas that can drive immediate business results. Throughout the program, faculty share current thinking, moderate discussions, and guide work sessions to ensure that learning in our classroom leads to action in your boardroom.

Day 1: Foundational Framework for Insights

A hidden system of decision-making lies beneath our awareness. Day 1 will give you fundamental knowledge about the sometimes-surprising ways in which consumers decide whether to buy, when to buy, and how much to consume.

Day 2: Branding and Messaging

New media has revolutionized customer experience and engagement – creating new challenges and opportunities for marketers. On Day 2 we will explore how branding and messaging evolves in the digital age. We will share our research on the fundamentals of consumer mindset, consumer experience, and latest technologies, and how to integrate these in brand communications in the digital era:

  • Communications: Mindsets and Self-Control
  • Engaging with Mobile
  • Technologies and Customer Experience
  • Branding in the Digital Age

Day 3: Customer Analytics and Experimentation

Data – big or small combined – provides a 360-degree view of customers. On Day 3 we will explore how firms leverage big data and simple yet robust business experimentation to build evidence-based management that drives tactical and strategic decisions on engagement - increasingly a source of differentiation and competitive advantage. Topics explored include social media, CRMs, and evidence-based management.

Who should attend

The program is crafted for executives with at least 8 years of experience who lead functional teams in areas such as marketing, branding, insights, innovation, product management, digital strategy, and communications.

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Professor Dhar is the George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing & Director of the Center for Customer Insights. He is an expert in consumer behavior and branding, marketing management, and marketing strategy and a leader in bringing psychological insights to the study of consu...
Professor Novemsky is Professor of Marketing in the Yale School of Management and has an appointment as Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Yale University. He is an expert in the psychology of judgment and decision-making, an area that overlaps heavily with behavioral econ...
Zoë studies persuasion and decision making , working passionately to understand how people can lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. At Yale, Zoë teaches Mastering Influence and Persuasion, advises Center for Customer Insights consulting and research teams, and collaborates with Google ...


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