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DeGroote School of Business

The Mindful Leader

Available dates

Nov 27, 2019
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
CAD 825 ≈USD 628
CAD 825 per day


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About the course

With ever-changing needs and pressures of the modern corporate world, being a leader who is present-minded, self-aware, calm, composed, and tolerant in the face of uncertainty can be a strategic advantage. Mindfulness-based leadership skills have been shown to be more effective in the modern business world than conventional skills. Mindfulness — the ability to be intentionally present — is a learnable mental capacity. Regular practice of mindfulness skills cultivates non-reactive habit patterns, essential to navigate the ups and downs so common to the business domain.

In The Mindful Leader course, we introduce mindfulness as a mental skill necessary for effective leadership and management roles in modern times. This session offers you an opportunity, through experiential exercises, to learn these skills and how to apply them in your current professional and personal roles. Participants will gain the insights and skills that will allow them to become more mindful leaders.

Studies have found that mindfulness techniques can improve:

  • Executive functioning
  • Emotional regulation
  • Working memory
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role of mindfulness skills in effective leadership and management
  • Learn neuro-biological impact of mindfulness training on specific areas of the brain
  • Identify and explore ways to apply these skills in your professional roles
  • Continue working on mindfulness skills in a systematic manner to establish long-term healthier mental habits

Who should attend

This program is suited for mid to executive level managers who want to further develop their team development skill-set.

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Parmjit Singh

Dr. Parmjit Singh is Assistant Clinical Professor with Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University and has a PhD in psychology. He has Clinical Training in Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard Medical School, Mindful Communication from Rochester School of Medicine, and has participated in an ...


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