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About the course

The most comprehensive E-learning renewable energy course available in the market today, designed for practitioners and structured for project implementation

Drawing on the experience of practitioners and experienced consultants, this course stands out from other courses by providing concise, concentrated and practical training, at the learner’s fingertips, on the entire process of creating renewable energy facilities. Learn which questions to ask, which numbers to look at, which factors to consider, and what really matters in assessing projects from all angles. Discover how to look objectively at the risks and understand these new and increasingly important elements of the energy supply mix.


  • The who, why, where when and how of renewable energy transactions
  • Renewable energy worldwide: the technology, regulation, competition, markets and risks
  • How renewable energy projects are financed by both the public and private sectors
  • Renewable energy financial models in detail
  • The key contracts of renewable energy installation and use - construction, service provision, input supply, debt, operations and maintenance
  • Project finance issues: tax, depreciation and accounting issues for project finance SPVs used for renewable energy
  • Renewable energy risks, risk allocation and risk mitigation
  • Compliance and documentation issues


  • Unit 1 – Overview of renewable energy sources
  • Unit 2 – Renewable energy technologies, sustainability and costings
  • Unit 3 – Government regulation, targets and investment
  • Unit 4 – Markets, competition and pricing
  • Unit 5 – Investors in renewable energy
  • Unit 6 – Financial structure of renewable energy projects
  • Unit 7 – Ownership/legal structures and the renewable energy SPV
  • Unit 8 – Contracts for renewable energy construction, finance and operation
  • Unit 9 – Renewable energy project technologies and risks
  • Unit 10 – Risk mitigation techniques


Learning is reinforced through multiple choice testzes, interactions and checklists. The learner is placed progressively in the position of Government, the sponsor and the debt provider to appreciate their individual perspectives. Learners get to complete a risk matrix for a renewable energy project, analyse a bank lending proposal and study different types of renewable energy models including wind and waste.


Through distance learning you can enjoy the benefits of studying, whilst minimising disruption to your existing professional commitments. You can set the pace at which you learn; applying the knowledge, skills and expertise gained from the materials to your work straight away. There’s also the huge savings of cost and time by not having to travel to a training location.

Approaching the topics in a modular format you can study the units online, save them to your computer or print them out. You can take advantage of the online forum to meet your fellow participants and share knowledge at any time. At the end of each unit there is a practical assessment enabling you to benchmark your knowledge and understanding and will also show you what a tangible ROI the course provides. Each unit is complimented by a video from the course director, taking you through the components of the course with particular emphasis on complex areas.

Who should attend

  • Financiers involved in renewable/project finance
  • Syndication Staff
  • Agency and Credit Staff
  • Government Executives involved in assessing private finance transactions for infrastructure and service delivery
  • Investment Bankers
  • Bond Investors / Fund Managers
  • Advisors and project finance Consultants
  • Insurance Providers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Export Credit Agencies
  • Contractors
  • Lawyers involved in project finance transactions

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