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The Leadership Mindset Programme

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About the course

The Leadership Mindset Programme builds new learning and capabilities to help you step up in your organisation.

The programme is comprised of three two-day, non-residential workshops across a three month period. This format enables participants to:

  • Develop new leadership thinking from experienced facilitators, programme peers and guest speakers in interactive sessions
  • Practise and embed new learning in their own organisations throughout the programme
  • Challenge or recognise common assumptions about leadership and management
  • Sustain new leadership practices beyond the duration of the programme

Programme content

Workshop One - Identifying the work of leadership

  • Connecting with why leadership is so important
  • Distinguishing between professional expertise, management and leadership
  • Developing new leadership understanding

Workshop Two - Doing the work of leadership

  • Building robust conversations
  • Engaging productively with conflict and difference
  • Identifying and working across boundaries

Workshop Three - Sustaining the work of leadership

  • Leading through change and uncertainty
  • Working with meaning and purpose
  • Sustaining leadership practice

Individual and Organisational Benefits

Organisations will have managers and team leaders who:

  • Engage proactively with the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Engage with issues for which there are no easy answers
  • Adapt to different challenges with agile thinking

Who should attend

This programme is ideally suited to:

  • Mid-career managers and professionals
  • Those who are leading teams, projects or whose role requires them to lead across departments or networks
  • Those ready for a step-change in their career pathway

Trust the experts

Brigid Carroll

Brigid is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management and International Business. She teaches broadly in the area of organizational theory and practice at undergraduate and postgraduate level and has done extensive development work with corporate, community, professional, and youth org...


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