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The Law Around Social Media

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About the course


Social media is now a huge part of our personal and working lives. With the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, WhatsApp etc, it is inevitable that personal and working lives are intertwined. Thus, it is important to understand your rights and obligations in the use of social media especially in the areas of law that encompass privacy, breach of employment contracts, intellectual property, defamation and criminal law. Understand when an employee has crossed the line in the use of social media and how to deal with it. Learn the various statutory and common law duties you owed to your employer and how not to breach them. Real life examples and case scenarios will be provided to give you an opportunity to apply these knowledge to actual situations.

Benefits to You


Get an overview of the areas of law that impact on the use of social media. Learn how to protect your business interests and rights by taking steps to ensure that your intellectual property rights areprotected, the dos and don’ts are carefully worded in employment contracts and how allegations of defamation or breach of privacy law can be avoided.


  • Understand how and when it is appropriate to collect clients’ data via social media and when it is deemed to be a breach of the Personal Data Protection Act
  • Develop a cogent company policy on the use of social media during and after office hours
  • Appreciate the legal implications on the use of social media outside working hours
  • Understand the legal definition of defamation and how to avoid it
  • Learn about employer’s and employee’s statutory and common law duties and breaches when using social media
  • Assess if an employee’s misuse of social media is a ground for summary dismissal and how to prevent allegations of unfair or unlawful termination
  • Differentiate between misconduct and gross misconduct
  • Learn what is a due inquiry process and how this should be conducted
  • Appreciate the various remedies available such as injunction in the event of misuse of social media by a competitor
  • Understand how to claim and quantify damages based on doctrines of causation and remoteness
  • Recognise the various criminal offences that can occur in the misuse of social media

Programme Outline

  • Business planning
  • Safeguarding business interests
  • Understanding legal implications when using social media
  • Enforcing legal rights
  • Differentiate the various intellectual property rights

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers
(Level 4) Managers

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