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Today communication skills are more important than they ever have been. In order to get success in contemporary and such a complex, global, technologi...

About the course

Employers want professionals with top-level communication skills.

Often rated as the number one most sought-after skill for business professionals, effective communication is one of the most important skills you can hone. The Influential Communicator online course offers opportunities for practice and feedback from experts that will help you take your communication strategies to the next level. In this executive business course you’ll learn the theory of persuasion and likability, strategies for audience analysis, and how to craft influential presentations. You’ll understand the importance of writing for results, facilitating an efficient meeting, and speaking to the point. Professionals taking this course will have the opportunity to improve their skills through real-world scenarios and will challenge themselves to go beyond the basics to make a true impact through communication.

The online business communication certificate is perfect for:

  • Gaining Confidence
  • Face-to-Face Interaction
  • Improved Writing Skills
  • Influential Communication

If you are a business professional who regularly interacts with others through writing and in person, you will benefit from challenging yourself to take your communication skills to new levels. You’ll augment your functional and technical skills with the influential communication strategies that are essential for success in the modern business world.

The Influential Communicator Certificate will teach you to:

  • Tailor each message to a unique audience
  • Speak with conviction and clarity
  • Design written and spoken messages that get attention and results
  • Build trust in important relationships
  • Exude credibility
  • Enhance your LinkedIn visibility
  • Receive coaching from peers and faculty experts on weekly communication projects
  • Design a communication action plan that flexes individual style

The Influential Communicator Certificate Online: Curriculum

The Kelley School of Business is nationally recognized for its innovative online programs. This 12-week program is delivered by full-time faculty members from the No. 1–ranked Kelley Online MBA Program (U.S. News & World Report, 2020).

This certificate requires three to four hours of work per week, half of which will consist of a live synchronous session. The program is designed to have maximum career impact and does not end with the last day of class. The class convenes online 90 days after the last session to review the results of your hard work and celebrate the outcomes of this transformative business immersion.

The curriculum is divided into four three-week courses. Each course begins the first full week of the month and runs for three consecutive weeks. Register for all four courses at once to earn your certificate or take individual courses as your schedule allows.

Course 1: Communicating to Enhance Your Credibility

When trust is present in a relationship, work is faster, more efficient, less costly, and more rewarding. But how do you earn the trust of those around you? We focus on ways you can build your credibility quotient with your boss, colleagues, and team members. You will identify your own verbal and nonverbal credibility busters and boosters. You will practice exuding credibility cues that people use to judge your trustworthiness. You learn the Big Five trust factors and ways to build your five. Then head to the studio and record a “tell us about yourself” elevator pitch. Review the recording with your Kelley faculty.

Course 2: Communicating to Inspire

Practice organizing your thoughts (even on the fly) to create clear, convincing messages. Learn to be concise. Explore the common writing errors that detract from your credibility and logical appeal. Practice creating compelling visualizations of complex data. Produce two logical, credibility-building documents (an email or one-page memo and a LinkedIn update). Faculty communication experts from the Kelley School of Business will give you individual feedback on the documents you create. You will practice coaching (another essential communication skill) as you, too, provide feedback to your teammates. Learn from the other sample work and make a plan for improving your credibility.

Course 3: Communicating to Influence

Being able to influence with or without formal authority is a critical skill for success in the business world today. Learn to use story and emotional appeal to capture the hearts of your listeners and readers. Finish by making an inspirational, emotionally powerful “award” presentation. Review the recording and discuss with your coaching team. Kelley School of Business communication faculty will provide you with expert feedback and tips for improving your inspirational speaking.

Course 4: Communicate with Authenticity and Flexibility

Discover your communication style (with Keirsey assessment) and explore your natural communication preferences and strengths. Learn how and when to flex your communication style to align, inspire, and motivate others. Create a communication flex chart that identifies several key relationships in your professional life and ways you can best communicate with those people. Kelley School of Business faculty coaches work with you to create an action plan aimed at enhancing key professional relationships in your work life. Wrap up with a final action plan that will send you back into the workplace with concrete, actionable steps to see your learning transfer to your life. Communicate with success!


Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Brenda Bailey-Hughes, MA, is an award-winning faculty member at the Kelley School of Business. She’s been teaching business communication and leadership courses since 2001 when she joined the Kelley School. Brenda teaches in the top-ranked undergraduate program, the Kelley Direct graduate program...

Andrew Bunger

Andrew Bunger, JD, is a lecturer in business communications at the Kelley School of Business. He joined the Kelley faculty in 2015 and has taught courses on a wide range of topics including management, business writing, business presentations and professional development. Outside of the classroom...

Anna Deeds

I am a 2009 graduate from Bellarmine University with a B.A. in Communication, and a 2011 graduate from Indiana University with a M.S. in Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA). I am currently faculty at the Kelley School of Business in the Business Communication department, teaching a bu...

Tatiana Kolovou

Negotiation and Conflict Management Certificate Program. Co-developer of a seven module online executive education product Areas of Expertise Cross Cultural Communication, Business Presentations, Strategic Communication, Customer Service in Higher Education. Academic Degrees Master''s of Busines...

The Influential Communicator: Online Business Certificate at Kelley School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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