The Hidden Language of Business – Workplace Politics, Power and Influence

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About the course

Accomplishing the goals and objectives of any organization requires more than just smart employees who work hard. It requires savvy employees who know how to forge alliances and avoid animosities in order to be effective. In this session, participants will identify which of the rules of “positive politics” they are most likely to violate; obtain guidelines for their own conduct and for managing relationships with co-workers and their own manager; learn to avoid pitfalls in business communication, both oral and written; learn eleven ways to recognize who really holds power and has influence in any organization; become adept at tapping into the power structure within an organization; explore a real-world case study that involves numerous political issues; learn how to network in order to expand their influence and recruit supporters for their initiatives and career; identify developmental needs that may prevent them from becoming "movers and shakers" in their own organizations; and enhance their working relationship with their manager.

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 5% Definition of Positive Politics
    • Becoming savvy as well as smart
  • 25% Political Rules to observe
    • Rules about you personally
    • Rules about your co-workers
    • Rules about your boss
    • Rules about your general communication
    • Rules about electronic communication
  • 25% Case Study
    • Putting the Political Rules to work
    • Asking two critical questions in any work situation
  • 15% Power & Influence
    • Recognizing who really has power
    • Understanding how power works
    • Tapping into the powerful people in your organization
  • 15% Nuclear Networking
    • Getting beyond intentions
    • Building three parts to your network
    • Inviting three types of people into your network
  • 10% Your boss
    • Forging a better relationship
    • Asking yourself nine simple questions about your boss
  • 5% Accountability


  • Primary Leadership Development, Adaptability, Communication, Developmental Perspective, Interpersonal Relations
  • Secondary Executing/Controlling/Evaluating, Use of Authority,
  • Tertiary

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