The Happiness Advantage: Orange Frog Workshop

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What are the topics?

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Who should attend

  • (Level 3) New Managers
  • (Level 4) Managers
  • (Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors

About the course

The single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce. However, Gallup's globalworkplace report (2013) revealed that only 13% of employees are ‘actively engaged’ at work. The vast majority of employees (63% worldwide and 76% in Singapore) are ‘not engaged’ and not emotionally connected to their workplace and are thus less likely to invest in organisational goals or outcomes.

Both Agility and Engagement are a function of employee happiness. Companies therefore need ‘The Happiness Advantage’. A decade of research proves that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome; employees are more creative, productive, less fatigued and likely to be more resilient in a rapidly changing world.

This programme provides a blueprint for increasing employee engagement, creativity and agility by tapping into people's intrinsic motivations.

Benefits to You


  • Develop a more positive attitude to enhance performance and achieve higher productivity for the individual as well as teams
  • Be more resilient and able to bounce back from setbacks. Respond faster to change to seize more opportunities, improve revenue and efficiency for the organisation and be agile in solving problems
  • Become positive leaders to achieve higher engagement with their teams and co-workers and lower human resource attrition and costs
  • Create a ripple effect of positivity in their organisations to compound the performance of the organisation towards higher productivity, less turnover and a more resilient culture


  • Increased Individual Positivity (Self Leadership):
    • Begin a personal transformation towards a more positive mindset and more productive and adaptable work life.
  • Sustained Team Happiness and Adaptability (Team Leadership):
    • Make happiness an integral part of the work environment by embedding specific practices into existing work routines.
  • Increased Happiness and Engagement across the Organisation (Culture Shaping)
    • Promote happiness and engagement by learning to identify and amplify critical social scripts and connect positive engagement to positive business results.

Programme Outline

Using the business parable of The Orange Frog as a backdrop, participants will explore their own workplace and identify similar pressures, characters and threats. They are then challenged to develop habits and strategies to resolve these pressures, allowing them to develop strategies to ripple positive results throughout their teams and departments.

  • Understand the latest research on positive psychology and its impact on peak performance
  • Recognise the driving / restraining forces (behaviours) and key factors required to achieve higher fulfillment and performance
  • Comprehend and learn to apply Shawn Achor’s 7 principles that fuel success and performance at work
  • Understand the power of social scripts and learn how to reframe or rewrite them to be more empowering
  • Create a road map (action plan) for the future – using positive performance principles to individual experience as well as the organisation’s future
  • Describe the ripple effect of positivity on teamwork
  • Learn to create a roadmap for change for a team

All participants will receive:

  • ‘The Orange Frog’ book
  • Participant Guide
  • Individual Action Plan

Team Transition Plan


Roshini Ganesan

Roshini Ganesan is a trainer and facilitator with 17 years of experience. She trains people in business presentations, communication, customer service, NLP, EQ, positivity and leading change. She has trained in over 12 countries (including the US, Australia, China, India, Japan, Mozambique and mo...

The Happiness Advantage: Orange Frog Workshop at SIM Professional Development

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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