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The Coach Approach to Management

The Coach Approach to Management
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Studies show that successful business leaders who use a coaching style of management have employees who feel empowered, engaged, and motivated. Their work environment is one that is highly collaborative and encourages creativity, rather than ones that demotivates and crushes morale.

The University of St. Thomas’ The Coach Approach to Management program emphasizes the development of your management skills including:

  • Understanding your own beliefs as a leader and how they affect your management style
  • Maintaining an open and empowering work environment rather than one that stifles creativity and drains motivation
  • Delivering feedback that promotes self-responsibility, commitment and collaboration
  • Building trusting relationships with team members, colleagues, and even your boss
  • Confidently having difficult yet productive conversations with others
  • Balancing employee accountability and your managerial expectations
  • Being an effective leader who can motivate while still managing


The Coach Approach to Management Program focuses on topics necessary to transform your management style.

During the three sessions you will assemble My Coaching Toolbox, a personal portfolio that organizes what you learned and contains the tools you’ll utilize as you coach others, which include:

  • The coach approach to management
  • Core Values Index and roles assessments
  • Identifying your strengths and growth edges
  • Phases of a coaching conversation
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Understanding how others tick
  • Contracting conversations versus conflict
  • Coaching for performance
  • Effective feedback
  • Developing responsibility in others

My Coaching Toolbox

The Coach Approach to Management Gain insight into your management style

*My Coaching Toolbox *

By taking The Coach Approach to Management program, you equip yourself with the right knowledge, tools and skills to immediately make a difference in how you manage. You’ll return to your job with My Coaching Toolbox, a personal portfolio that organizes what you learned and contains the tools you’ll utilize as you coach others.

*Individual Coaching Sessions *

You will receive two individual coaching sessions. These personalized sessions will allow you to experience what a coaching session looks like, including how they are structured. You will have the opportunity to explore your strengths and development opportunities, and set a course for your own development. You will see firsthand the principles of coaching demonstrated for you.

*Session I: What is a Coach Approach to Management? *

Upon completing this session, you will understand the coaching approach to management, identify your core values, gain insight into your effective management strengths and growth edges, and gain self-awareness in your approach to management.

You will walk away from this session with your redefined approach to management, along with your Core Values Index (CVI) assessment results and coaching self-assessment results.

*Session II: The Phases of a Coaching Conversation *

During this session, you will learn a three-step model for how to have a coaching conversation as well as gain experience through practice. You will develop skills in active listening and asking powerful questions, and gain insight in how to better understand the person you are coaching.

You will leave this session equipped with a framework for coaching conversations, a guide to asking more powerful questions, and a model to help you better understand others.

*Session III: Empowering Employees through Feedback and Accountability *

One of the most important roles a manager plays is giving feedback to help each employee learn, grow and improve their performance. Learn how to have regular, powerful coaching conversations for performance, develop feedback loops, and build employee accountability, rather than relying upon yearly performance evaluations. Learn techniques for giving feedback in even the toughest situations.

The feedback model and promise management techniques covered in this session will prove to be valuable resources to have in My Coaching Toolbox.


Who should attend

The Coach Approach to Management program is designed for any manager who wants to make themselves more valuable to their current organization. It teaches valuable management skills to professionals who have departments, direct reports, colleagues, and bosses they’ll be coaching, either informally or formally.

Participant titles and job functions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Operations Manager
  • General Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Individuals looking to advance in their careers or those making a career change
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