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Stanford Continuing Studies

The Business of Autonomous Vehicles: an Intensive Bootcamp

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May 18—19
2 days
Stanford, California, United States
USD 455
USD 227 per day


Thirty self-driving car pilots from Silicon Valley technology companies, startups, and global car manufacturers are redefining the future of human mobility. We are on the cusp of a revolution in the automotive industry that will usher in new business models, new vehicle designs, and the transformation of related industries—energy, freight, automotive, insurance, infrastructure, and others. This two-day bootcamp will prepare entrepreneurs and business professionals to identify the business opportunities emerging in the autonomous vehicle (AV) and smart mobility field. On day one, we will survey the AV landscape to understand the players creating this ecosystem and learn about AV product management. Students will learn how to look at the AV space from a business perspective by engaging with case studies of OEM, Ford, Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, and GM. This exercise will provide a step-by-step framework for analyzing business drivers, mobility solutions, design, car cognition, car data, AV product management, digital transformation, and business models. On day two, students will take a close look at the AV investment landscape and learn how to position themselves for success in the evolving AV and smart mobility markets. By the end of the workshop, you will better understand trends driving the AV revolution and be able to create a framework for successfully pivoting into this space. Students will get to meet venture capitalists and guest speakers from the industry.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
Silicon Valley Innovation Center

The Future of Transportation

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Pedro Goncalves, Marketing, Category and Portfolio Director at Tetra Pak

Next dates

Jul 8—12
5 days
San Mateo, California, USA
USD 10000
USD 2000 per day
Oct 14—18
5 days
San Mateo, California, USA
USD 10000
USD 2000 per day

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Get a 360 degree view of the latest technology innovations in the Automotive and Transportation industry during this 5-day intensive program designed specifically for the industry executives. Discover the impact that the convergence of High-Tech and Automotive will make in the next 2 to 5 years. Learn about, see, feel and touch the future.

What Will I Learn?

Technologies Covered

  • Autonomous Vehicles Step into the fast lane and discover new trends and innovations in transportation industry to learn what does a fully autonomous future really look like. Find out what business models have the potential for low-cost breakthrough innovation.
  • Augmented Reality Get to know how leading car companies have experimented or delivered new solutions using AR: from live traffic feeds, weather updates, navigation to virtual racetracks “ghost car”, pedestrian detectors to augmented displays for passengers and wearables.
  • Blockchain Find out how Blockchain is disrupting the automotive industry, creating growth and monetization opportunities, and facilitating digital transformation. Explore the use of blockchain technology for big data collection and analysis.
  • Intelligence, Machine Learning Learn from the industry experts how machine learning and AI will disrupt transportation in new ways. Discover machine learning potential applications both inside the vehicle (advanced driving assistance systems, autonomous driving) and outside the vehicle (development, manufacturing, sales & aftersales processes)
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communications Discover the latest trends in vehicle-to-vehicle communications, what benefits it will bring, how v2v technology be integrated, what are the limitations and issues with v2v communications, and what its potential to improve vehicle and road safety, traffic efficiency, convenience and comfort for passengers as well as driver.
  • IoT & Predictive Intelligence Discover the latest innovations in the Internet of Things and Predictive Intelligence that drive connected vehicle architectures and transforms industry products and service models through connected cars. Gain insights on how to enhance the driving experience and create new revenue opportunities.

Sample Agenda


The future of transportation is already here: cars that drive themselves, trains that use new magnetic rail systems, “hyperloop” train that will speed along at 800 miles per hour. Learn from the industry experts of Uber, Jabil, Flex about the emerging trends and major players that fuel technological innovation. Discover who will win and who will lose in the transportation revolution driven by the world of digitization.

  • Silicon Valley And Automotive Industry Disruption
  • Emerging Technology Trends: What is the Next Big Thing?
  • Best Practices in AutoTech Innovation: Lessons from VCs
  • Insights From Digitally Native: Best of Breed From Silicon Valley


Hear from the established high-tech firms such as Tesla, Stanford CARS, Toyota Research Institute about the next generation technologies that will dramatically change the future of transportation industry. Explore the latest innovation with the participants of the most prominent acceleration programs.

  • Following the Money: Corporate Investment Trends in AutoTech
  • Scouting the Next Generation of AutoTech: What’s Incubating in Silicon Valley?
  • Convergence of Automotive and Tech: The View from Innovation Leaders
  • New Achievements in Automotive R&D


Hear expert insights on practical applications and learn how to turn the latest technology advancement into the business value. Visit the leading startups Matternet, Savari, Nauto, and Drive AI that are making strides in the area of: Machine Learning and AI, Robotics and Automation, Drones, Flying Vehicles, Hyperloop, Internet of Things, and Big Data.

  • The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Taking Transportation Off the Ground: Drones, Flying Vehicles, Hyperloop, etc.
  • The New Frontiers of Vehicle Connectivity: Internet of Things, Big Data, Sensors, etc.


Learn from Lyft, Waze, Zipcar, and Radius Innovation and Development how to identify, define, validate and develop next gen business models and services and how will they connect with digital ecosystems. Explore innovative business models driven by shared mobility, connectivity services, and feature upgrades. Practice Design Thinking approach to create a unique digital customer experience.

  • Autonomous and Electric Vehicles: Implications for the Industry
  • New Business Models: Sharing Economy
  • Mobility on Demand and Vehicle as a Service
  • Creating Digital Customer Experience: Design Thinking Approach


Get involved in highly interactive sessions with best corporate innovators such as Autodesk, Silicon Valley Renault Innovation Lab, Ford and learn strategies and frameworks for successful corporate innovation. Find out their approaches to digital transformation, building an innovation labs and hear their success stories on how to successfully engage with startups.

  • How can big companies innovate: from Strategy to Execution
  • What can big companies learn from the startups?
  • A Case Study in Setting up a Successful Innovation Outpost
  • Creating and Maintaining Innovation Culture


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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