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The Back of the Napkin - Solving Problems With Pictures

Next dates

Aug 22—23
2 days
SGD 1797 ≈USD 1305
SGD 898 per day



Visual thinking is using our innate ability to see; both with our eyes and our minds eye to discover previously invisible ideas, develop those ideas in a rapid and intuitive way, and then share those ideas with other people in a way they simply get.

Any problem can be made clearer with a picture, and any picture can be created using a set of tools and the rules for its use. The core of The Back of The Napkin programme is learning to use the Visual Problem-solving Toolkit - a powerful new way of looking at problems and their solutions.

This is a highly participative and interactive workshop. Participants will learn through short lectures, hands-on exercises, live study cases, group discussions and experience sharing, presentations and feedback.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes

• Solutions to everyday work problems leading to enhance performance of their operating units • Business ideas and strategies leading to higher productivity and increase top and bottom line performance of their organisations

Learning Outcomes

• Learn a whole new way of looking at business problems more quickly, understanding them more intuitively, addressing them more confidently, and conveying results to others more rapidly. • Learn to solve problems with pictures. • Learn how to think visually - how to look better - how to see sharper - how to imagine further - how to show newly discovered ideas.

Programme Outline

• Visual Thinking – What is – Why

• The Visual Thinking Toolkit – What does it contain

• Using the Built-in Tools

o The eyes

o The mind’s eye

o The hands & eyes

• The Visual Thinking Problem-solving Process

  • Looking

o “Whoever is best able …. is the person most likely to solve it.”

o “Whoever draws the best picture …”

o Active looking: The Four Rules To

  • Seeing

o “We can’t solve a problem we can’t see ….”

o The 6x6 Rule of seeing - Which problem? Which picture? Which …?

o The right picture for any problem

  • Imagining

o “Those who see the possibilities, win”

o Meet the SQVID

o Exploring the breadth of an idea

o Practical lessons in applied visual imagination.

  • Showing

o “The more human the picture…”

o Why seeing is believing

o Putting it together

o Drawing conclusions

Who should attend

Level 3 - New Managers

Level 4 - Manager - seeking to enhance their performance by solving their everyday business and operational problems more effectively and selling the solutions.

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