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Nov 19—20, 2019
2 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 880 ≈USD 1136
GBP 440 per day
Jan 28—29, 2020
2 days
London, United Kingdom
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Mar 30—31, 2020
2 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 880 ≈USD 1136
GBP 440 per day
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About the course

Designed to offer participants a modern, holistic approach to the complex, exciting field of face-to-face Influencing. This course encourages participants to develop a keen understanding and curiosity for the art form, which brings 21st Century theory to life, demystifying its complexities and making them accessible to all.

In a world where many organizations are moving away from hierarchical leadership structures to flatter, more team-based models, we find that the person with the influence has the power. Our need to be collaborative is heightened and consequently our need to understand interpersonal dynamics and to perform with credibility, confidence and agility.

The course draws on the research of current thought leaders in the field of influencing, business, psychology, social science and performance. It explores our conscious and more subconscious behaviours, and provides participants with a ‘tool kit’ of practices that will enable them to embed the theory in an active and exhilarating way. They will learn to understand their own influencing style; to flex their style to connect with others whilst remaining open to others opinions; to plan and deliver high-impact messages; to generate greater rapport in all their relationships and project themselves with confidence, authority and presence.


By the end of The Art of Influencing course you will be able to:

  • Understand your influencing style
  • Flex that style to engage more fully with others
  • Increase your presence and personal impact in meetings and presentations
  • Plan and present high impact messages
  • Influence others with confidence, authority and agility
  • Increase self control, manage anxiety and remain calm under pressure
  • Naturally develop an assertive approach
  • Give great feedback
  • Manage others expectations, understand their motivations and become a more empathic leader
  • Understand the importance of body language and vocal technique.


Day one

  • Building blocks of interpersonal connection
  • Introducing the skills of improvisation
  • Listening, building, questioning and curiosity
  • Working positively with difficulty and uncertainty. Self-control and appearing confident, authoritative and empathic
  • Understanding the importance of body language, presence, tools to manage stress and the primacy effect.
  • Influencing Styles
  • Understanding one's preferences and how to flex that style to engage more fully with others, building trust, rapport and credibility.

Day two

  • Naturally developing an Assertive approach and delivering assertive Feedback. NLP tools to influence critical relationships. Creating and delivering high impact, memorable messages
  • Clarifying purpose, structure and storytelling. Interactive Skills practice
  • Influencing in meetings
  • LIVE conversations with external coach/facilitator

Who should attend

The course is designed for those embarking on their journey as influencers, or for those keen to develop their existing skills through an holistic approach in order to develop their repertoire, their confidence, their understanding of themselves and crucially, the impact they have on others. It encourages people to make conscious choices, through heightened self-awareness and awareness of others. The course offers participants an opportunity to bring the theory they learn to life, using a 'tool - kit' of practices that will enable them to embed the theory in facilitated skills practice and 'Live' practice conversations. Please note that the course is not set at an advanced strategic level.

Trust the experts

Carol Noakes

Carol Noakes is a licensed Insights Discovery practitioner specialising in face to face communication. As well as Insights, Carol works with NLP and CBT techniques; actor-based performance skills for presence and audience relationship (on or off stage); applied improvisation for flexibility and ...


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