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Jun 11
Toulouse, France
EUR 600 ≈USD 674
EUR 600 per day
Sep 27
Munich, Germany
EUR 600 ≈USD 674
EUR 600 per day
Nov 8
Toulouse, France
EUR 600 ≈USD 674
EUR 600 per day


Switch on the power! Experience a hands-on workshop where you will be introduced to the APQP methodology and discover how your organisation can best benefit from this reliable and proven quality enabler

How will I benefit?

This course will enable you to:

  • Identify and understand key factors that can strengthen your Quality Management System
  • Discover and increase your knowledge of Quality tools
  • Learn how to use Quality methods to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve business success
  • Understand how to deploy APQP methodology
  • Understand APQP approach and related processes
  • Carry out assessments of Key Business Deliverables from the Airbus APQP model

What does the course cover?

  • Presentation of the Quality Standards that drive the APQP approach (FMEA, MSA, Control Plan) and the related benefits
  • Hands-on exercise to provide timely practice, implement these quality tools and deepen participant's understanding and decision-making ability

Who should attend

  • Engineering
  • Project Managers or Work Package Leaders
  • Programme and Quality Managers
  • Business Development Managers