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About the course

Learn the principles and practice of international financial law from a range of experts

Euromoney Learning's International Financial Law Academy has developed an enviable reputation as the premier international financial law event on the training calendar. The academy offers an unequalled opportunity for lawyers from around the world to learn the principles and practice of international financial law from expert practitioners. Over two weeks, the academy will cover a substantial range of topics.

Moreover, the academy has a strong practical orientation; it provides guidance and advice on how to identify, approach and solve the legal problems posed by international financial transactions. Case studies and workshops provide opportunities for participants to study actual transactions and become involved in documentation and negotiation exercises. During the course, participants will receive a set of notes,sample clauses, extracts from relevant laws or regulations and materials for case studies and workshops.

Why you should attend

A team of expert consultants and practitioners will offer their advice throughout the ten days. Through the means of lectures, interactive exercises and case studies you will be given an unparalleled opportunity to benefit from their practical experience. You will leave us confident in the knowledge that you are better equipped to deal with the daily demands you face in the workplace.

Day 1

English Law & Contracts for International Lawyers – Daphne Perry

  • Introduction to English contract law
  • Break
  • Formation of Contract & Pre-Contractual Negotiations in English law
  • Workshop: Contract formation
  • The contents of the contract under English law
  • Variation & Transfer of Contractual Rights & Obligations
  • Workshop: Variation and discharge
  • Termination of contract
  • International enforcement of financial obligations

Day 2

An Introduction to International Trade Finance – Michael Kenny

  • An introduction to International Trade Finance
  • Bankers’ Documentary Credits
  • Workshop: Autonomy, fraud and illegality
  • Guarantees in International Trade

Workshop: Identifying the nature of the obligation

Day 3

International Lending – Sue Wright

  • Term Sheets
  • The most common structure of Loan Transactions
  • LIBOR and bank funding
  • Loan transfers
  • The loan agreements review
  • Workshop – glossary terms
  • Due diligence

Day 4 & 5

Project Finance – Mark Richards

  • How the financing documents interact with the project documents
  • The loan agreement in project finance transactions
  • Guarantees and letters of credit
  • Multi-source finance
  • Bond issues
  • Mezzanine or subordinated debt
  • Lease and vendor finance
  • Intercreditor issues
  • The security package in project finance
  • Structuring the security package

Day 7

Legal Risks in Derivatives - Adam Ward

  • What swaps are and how they work
  • Understanding the Master Agreement
  • The significance of every clause in the Agreement
  • How to complete the Schedule to the documentation
  • How to draft clauses to meet special situations
  • How to deal with insolvency and close-out netting
  • The risks in credit exposure and techniques for credit enhancement
  • How to assess the capacity of the counterparty
  • The significance of major swaps litigation

Day 8

Contract and Negotiation Masterclass – Arun Singh

  • Improve legal writing and contract drafting skills
  • Learn how to avoid common drafting pitfalls
  • Develop an effective communication style
  • Understand the structure and terms that are common to contracts
  • Learn advanced negotiation skills (for commercial matters and dispute resolution)
  • Writing legal opinions, correspondence memoranda and email
  • Drafting pre-contractual documentation
  • Drafting general contractual terms and specific clauses
  • Negotiation skills for lawyers
  • Tactics, techniques and personalities
  • Negotiating key clauses

Day 9 & 10

Corporate Finance & International M&A – Arun Singh

  • Structuring the detail – M&A
  • Understanding the pre-contractual issues
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Workshop : Due Diligence

Day 11 & 12

Asset Securitisation – Graham Penn

  • Transferring the portfolio of assets from the originator to the SPV/Issuing vehicle. Methods of transfer typically used and the importance of the ‘true sale’ analysis.
  • Commercial drivers to the structure: liquidity support techniques: credit enhancement: profit extraction techniques: senior/junior/subordinated structures.
  • Intercreditor related issues: security structures: control: and enforcement.
  • Comprehensive overview of the form and content of the documentation typically used in securitisation transactions. Lessons to be learned from the global credit crisis: new world/”mark II” securitisation structures.

Course Close

Who should attend

  • In-house lawyers in banks and financial institutions
  • Government and international organisations involved in international financing operations
  • Lawyers in multi-national corporations dealing with international financial transactions
  • Lawyers in practice who advise clients on international financial transactions
  • Banking executives who are closely involved in legal issues of international financial transactions

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Daphne Perry

Daphne Perry practised for 12 years as a barrister specialising in general commercial litigation until 1997, when Chambers & Partners ranked her in the top 11 juniors for commercial work in London. She then supported litigators at Denton Wilde Sapte for another 12 years with training, current...


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