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Kellogg School of Management

Strengthening Your Mission: Building Your Brand

Sep 16—17, 2020
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 1150
USD 575 per day

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The Organizational Reputation & Values Approach to Branding

For a nonprofit organization, sound communication of one's mission and brand is key to leveraging funding resources. However, before this communication can start, the organization needs to first recognize, understand and internalize its mission branding strategy. As a nonprofit leader, you will need to take the lead in becoming that organizational brand manager. This program will provide you with that foundation.

Participants will learn from Kellogg’s premier faculty – experts who have written the books on branding. The program includes in-depth exploration of the concept of a brand and tools for building and strengthening brands to impact their organizations. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their own ideas of brand and what it could mean for their individual nonprofits.

Key Benefits

  • Create a connection between brand and mission
  • Understand nonprofit brand management strategies
  • Learn to communicate your value to stakeholders
  • Understand the competitive landscape and how to leverage your advantages

Program Content

Creating and Tracking Market Value

  • Gain a strategic perspective of marketing management and its key elements
  • Focus on the process of developing a marketing strategy and designing an optimal marketing mix to carry out the chosen strategy
  • Work with a sound framework for problem analysis and action planning

Strengthening the Second Most Important Asset after Your People: Your Brand

  • Receive an overview of the key aspects of branding and brand management
  • Specifically, understand the key elements of strategic brand management and a sound framework for brand-focused action planning
  • Discuss a case study, to highlight the role of brands as a means of aligning core objectives with stakeholder engagement
  • In a collaborative setting, understand the environment in which an organization operates and identifies opportunities and threats
  • Tie this with resource allocation for nurturing, building and protecting the brand

Segmenting, Targeting, & Positioning For Advantage

  • Through discussions and case studies, understand how to effectively segment a market of potential donors
  • Learn how to identify targets who might potentially favor your brand
  • Develop a compelling value proposition for your brand
  • Identify new opportunities for collaboration by considering the connections between your stakeholders' brand and your brand

Communicating Brand Value: The ADPLAN Framework

  • Focus on how to evaluate the strategic soundness of advertising and communication efforts
  • To accomplish this objective, utilize a framework to guide the strategic assessment of advertisements accompanied by real world examples
  • In addition, complete a breakout session and apply the framework to past or present advertising efforts within the nonprofit space, including executions of your own submission

Who should attend

  • Nonprofit managers tasked with marketing & fundraising functions within their organizations
  • Senior nonprofit leaders who supervise marketing and fundraising staff
  • Cross-functional leaders positioned for ‘VP of Strategic Marketing / Nonprofit Branding’ or similar roles
  • Public sector and government leaders who work with community leaders
  • Career switchers or for-profit leaders who intend on joining a nonprofit team or Board


Dr. Rucker joined the Kellogg marketing department in Fall of 2005. Currently, Dr. Rucker holds the Sandy & Morton Goldman Professorship of Entrepreneurial Studies in Marketing. His primary research focuses broadly on the topics of power, compensatory consumption, persuasion, and consumer beh...
Dr. Labroo is a Consumer Psychologist who joined Kellogg as Professor of Marketing in 2013. Her research investigates how people can be nudged into taking actions beneficial to them and to society in the long run. In particular, her expertise is in understanding how people's feelings impact such ...
I use narratives to design the mind’s relationship with products and create brands. The things we purchase, the services we use and the nonprofits we support do more than fill a need. They tell our life stories to others and, more importantly, to ourselves. They confirm what we care about. They...
Kevin McTigue is a Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management teaching multiple classes for the MBA Program and Executive Education. His career spans over 20 years in teaching, consulting, brand management, and advertising. Before his full...

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Sep 16—17, 2020
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 1150
USD 575 per day

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