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Strategy Workshop: get Inside Your Competitor's Head

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About the course

Competitors have a large impact on the success of organizations. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to understand why they act the way they do, especially since competition laws prevent us from directly asking them. The good news is competitors are not irrational -- we just need to get inside their heads and look at the world from their perspective. This workshop will cover some frameworks, a classic case study, and provide you with the opportunity to practice these techniques on a current competitor of your choosing.


  • Framework for “getting into your competitor’s head”
  • Framework for “predicting your competitor’s reaction”
  • Black Hat exercises and war gaming
  • Discuss the organizational changes to embed these insights


  • How to reframe your thinking to make a competitor analysis mindset more natural
  • Be able to assess what competitors are likely thinking and predict what they will likely do
  • Use the frameworks to assess a competitor of your choice
  • Shift your mindset to appreciate that competitors are not irrational, but can be understood

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John Horn

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