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Strategy Formulation & Implementation

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About the course

Explore the key principles and practices of strategic management, and the challenges of formulating and implementing a strategic vision. Learn how to conduct effective internal and external environment scans and discover how to create a vision and goals for your organization. Gain an understanding of the core implementation tools and techniques you can use to successfully execute your organization's strategic plan.

Why This Program?

You'll gain a practical model of formulating and implementing strategy that includes innovation, strategic, and operational planning that can be applied to your organization immediately. You'll discover the importance and challenges of strategic management and learn how to take a focused and disciplined approach to looking at your organization's future prospects and detailing its purpose - its mission, vision and plan - for going forward.

Through this program, you will:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the role, and the core concepts and practices of strategic management
  • Explore the crucial concept of organizational purpose (mission, vision and values)
  • Exercise both internal and external organizational scanning
  • Identify an organization’s Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and developed its preliminary vision and set of goals
  • Develop an appreciation of vision breakdown and implementation concepts
  • Practice breaking down a vision into goals, objectives, and tasks, and allocating authority, resources and accountability to assigned implementation responsibilities
  • Assess the various barriers to change that reside within a strategy implementation, with particularly emphasis placed on the ever present human factor
  • Explore the core concepts of enterprise risk management

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