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Strategy Building & Sustaining Competitive Advantage

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About the course

A very few companies have managed to achieve sustainable growth and change in a world of increasingly fast paced ,unpredictable and volatile change and even fewer have managed to achieve “unicorn “ status or become “world class” by any recognisable measure. At one time accomplishing this was down to the right combination of propitious timing, hardworking, well -meaning directors with bulging address books and the “right “connections. The right marketplace, few major competitors and stable conditions with “light touch” or no regulation also helped as did employee loyalty and a belief by them that the company would do right by them.

This Oxford course for managers and leaders on Strategy Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage outlines key concepts for the current conditions. Strategy from conceptualisation through to implementation, the use of speed, agility and adaptability, the ability to metamorphose the strategy under conditions of pressure , future-proof it against risks and make it work on the ground in any marketplace. Leaders and managers wishing to succeed/prevail with strategies that deliver as promised rather than being elegant theoretical constructs.

Seminar Objective

This Oxford course is designed to help course participants achieve these goals:

  • Understand How to Build Strategies that stand the Test of Time and hard to Emulate
  • Creating Competitive Advantage when 50% of Competitors didn't previously exist
  • Outmaneuvering larger better Financed Competitors organically and acquisitively
  • Driving Productivity and Change to Support the Strategy to better Working Practices
  • Building Agility, Adaptability, the ability to Surprise and Metamorphose rapidly
  • Combining Innovation, Creativity, Change, Standards and Continuous Improvement

Seminar Outline

  • Redefining what Strategy is a Game- Changer forming part of Execution
  • Optimum forms of Analysis and Competitor Intelligence to get current Positioning Right
  • Target Operating Models/ AI/ RPA /Outsourcing /Offshoring / Blended Solutions
  • Automation / Robotics / Optimised Organisational Structures and Working Practices
  • Reputation Management / Branding / Positioning / Routes to Market / Channels
  • Tax Efficiency and Optimum Corporate Structures
  • Effecting Change / Retaining the People You Want /Streamlined Processes / BPI
  • Building and Retaining Competitive Advantage / Continuous Improvement / Creativity
  • Technology / Data / Customer Excellence Considerations
  • Optimum People Performance / Risk Optimisation and Future-Proofing

Who should attend

This Oxford course is designed for a broad target audience including (interalia):

  • Experienced Operations, Marketing and Human Resource Managers
  • Managers from the Public Sector tasked with ALMO Development, Regeneration, Boosting Inward Investment, Tourism and Employment Growth
  • Bankers, Corporate Strategists, Investment Analysts
  • Programme Managers
  • Project Directors and Newly Appointed Directors seeking to gain greater / more modern perspective on Strategy and Competitive Advantage

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