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Strategies for Effective Negotiation

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To get where they are today, the most successful business executives throughout the world have had to master the art of negotiating. Though everyone negotiates in some form both at home and at work, very few people have taken the time to fine tune their negotiating style and learn new techniques to successfully prevent and resolve conflict.

Upon completion of this program, you will have a better understanding of how to:

  • Understand key negotiation strategies & tactics
  • Actively manage conflict in negotiation
  • Negotiate utilizing problem solving methodologies
  • Understand and effectively negotiate across cultures
  • Identify non-verbal/verbal cues & emotion to help create leverage during negotiations


Learn and practice the art and science of negotiation

Module 1: Introduction to Negotiation and Frameworks

  • What is negotiation?
  • Negotiables & Tradeoffs
    • Positions vs. Interests
    • Persuasion/Strategies of Influence
    • Negotiation Problem Solving Methodology
    • BATNA and ZOPA frameworks
    • Negotiation Planner – how to prepare for a negotiation
    • In class practice and case study activities

Module 2: Managing Conflict

  • What is conflict & how can I manage it?
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult tactics
  • In class practice and case study activities

Module 3: Communication Techniques

  • Dealing with supplier and customer relationships
  • Internal vs. external communication
  • Verbal vs. nonverbal communication
  • In class practice and case study activities

Module 4: Emotion

  • How to deal with emotion in negotiation
  • Non-verbal expression and messaging
  • Creating and utilizing power in negotiation
  • Managing relationships while negotiating successful outcomes
  • In class practice and case study activities

Module 5: Email Negotiation

  • Practice email negotiation in teams between sessions
  • Receive peer feedback on email negotiation
  • Internal vs external dynamics in email
  • Communication faux pas

Module 6: Multi-Party Negotiation

  • Difference between one-to-one and multi-party negotiation
  • How to approach and prepare differently for multi-party negotiations
  • In class practice and case study activities

Module 7: Commodity Purchase Negotiation

  • How to approach commodity purchases
  • Concession strategies

Module 8: International and Multi-Cultural Negotiation

  • How to approach international negotiations
  • Practice international and multi-cultural negotiation and case study

Who should attend

This program is beneficial for professionals looking to be more effective in their negotiation strategy. Whether you want to be better equipped to talk with international vendors about pricing or are looking to apply these skills in salary negotiation, this program will help you learn and practice different approaches to negotiation. It is particularly helpful for those who:

  • Manage supplier or vendor relationships
  • Source products and services locally, nationally and internationally
  • Negotiate across cultures
  • Face the challenge of negotiation and conflict management using methods other than face-to-face such as email, phone or web conference
  • Hire new employees or negotiate salary
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