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School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University

Strategic Wine Marketing

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Aug 1—Sep 25
USD 1100


This level provides an introduction to wine marketing terminology and concepts, including the steps in brand creation, packaging decisions, integrated communication strategy, navigating the three tier distribution channels, and direct to consumer sales. Topics of tasting room management, wine tourism, importing, and exporting wine are also presented. The culminating project is the creation of a marketing and sales plan for the launch of a new wine business.

  • LO1: Describe important wine consumer segments .
  • LO2: Create a wine brand to appeal to a chosen target market.
  • LO3: Understand the marketing implications of package design.
  • LO4: Coordinate promotional elements of advertising, public relations, and special events.
  • LO5: Understand the complexities of wine distribution at the distributor and retail levels.
  • LO6: Create a distribution and sales strategy utilizing distributors and/or direct to consumer methods.
  • LO7: Describe key aspects of tasting room management.
  • LO8: Integrate wine marketing into a broader wine tourism context.
  • LO9: Describe the steps to importing and exporting wine.
  • LO10: Create a draft marketing and sales plan.
The University of Adelaide

The Business of Wine

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May 20—Nov 29
10 daysModules info
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
AUD 8888 ≈USD 6361
AUD 888 per day

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Immersive Wine Business program delivered in two of the world’s top wine regions - South Australia and Bordeaux.

This program will see wine business leaders, industry bodies and world leading academics, critics and writers coming together to deliver participants the learning experience of a lifetime.

The University of Adelaide together with KEDGE Wine and Spirits Academy, Bordeaux are excited to offer an innovative program showcasing the best practices in wine business from two of the world’s Great Wine Capitals.

Visiting wine businesses and academics from these iconic regions, the 10 day program will focus on experiential learning within the regions themselves, exploring the best wine business practices in South Australia and Bordeaux, with 5 days spent in each.

Our connections run deep and will allow you behind the scenes access to both academic institutions and wine businesses in these regions. You will workshop global trends in wine business, explore our R&D and visit the vines in Bordeaux and Barossa to see how they compare.

Expressions of interest are being sought for this unique two week program where you will be immersed in two of the great wine capitals of the world.

Course topics

France Wine Bordeaux, France

Day 1 - A global challenge: The European and American picture

  • Compare French and North-American consumption trends
  • Understand the keys to enter the French and North-American markets
  • Discover the Cité du Vin

Day 2 - UK the most important Fine wine marketplace

  • Understand the Fine wine market in the UK
  • How to build a wine marketing strategy in the UK?
  • How to be successful as an importer or a wine buyer in the UK?

Day 3 - Prestige, differentiation of diversification in a very competitive market

Two case studies through two fascinating visits:

  • The Sauternes challenge.

Can you rely on prestige and history in an evolving market? How can Sauternes regain its markets in France and abroad?

  • Smith Haut Lafitte, Differentiation and diversification

How to complete the story and become much stronger.

Day 4 - The Bordeaux experience from the vineyards to the consumer

  • Understand the work of a major Bordeaux Négociant – How to be competitive on La Place de Bordeaux?
  • Visit a Bordeaux icon, Château Margaux
  • Discover the JM Cazes Selection group

Day 5 - How to mix French and Asian lifestyles? & tasting of French icons

  • Compare and contrast French and Asian taste and consumption trends
  • Enjoy a tasting of the very best of France

South Australia Winery Adelaide,South Australia

Day 1 - A global challenge: the bigger picture

  • Explore global trends, consumer insights and priority setting for market engagement
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for category development
  • Determine Australia’s key market focus and engagement strategies
  • Dinner at Australia’s most iconic winery, Penfolds

Day 2 - R&D as our competitive advantage

  • Introduce and establish the power of innovation, technology and outreach
  • Making an evidential case for being a ‘better’ product
  • Determine a wine industry culture for long-term, consequential planning informed by technical excellence

Day 3 - Old vines and sacred sites: The great inheritance

  • Profile and comprehend Australia’s unique features and key points of differentiation
  • The strategic importance of old vines, single sites and new landmarks - building a credible premium
  • Visits to Barossa Valley wineries

Day 4 - New marketing and the importance of purpose

  • Consider key change drivers and determinants of consumer behaviour
  • Building a product response
  • The cornerstones of pricing, positioning and value
  • Future forward: the reality of climate change and the challenge of sustainability
  • Visits to McLaren Vale wineries

Day 5 - A new world order

  • Synthesize and conclude the week with a definitive tasting covering all of our major themes in 24 wines
  • Farewell lunch

What will you learn?

  • have thorough knowledge and key industry insights from two of the world’s top wine regions
  • be able to identify challenges and opportunities, with meaningful insights and strategies for wine category development in a global context
  • know how to utilise innovation and technology, as well as history and culture as a competitive advantage
  • differentiate wine products and experiences by integrating place, historical and cultural context, story and customer insights
  • have a current understanding of changes in consumer behaviour in the wine industry internationally

Who should attend

  • Wine business professionals
  • Business professionals with an interest in, or looking to transition into the wine industry.
  • Wine producers and professionals working in the wine value chain from production to distribution, sales and marketing.
  • Wine category managers and buyers.


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Detailed Description
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