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University of Houston-Clear Lake

Strategic Utilization of Leadership Skills

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Jun 14—28
2 days
Houston, Texas, United States
USD 850
USD 425 per day




Course Description

Managers and leaders of today must be effective in their roles. From leading team members, to organizational impact, leaders must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead successfully. The strategic utilization of leadership skills is essential for individual and organizational longevity. Successful organizations, both public and private, are now recognizing the need to grow and develop their organizational leadership talent. As one of the most researched and significant business topics of our time, leadership and leadership skills are often misunderstood. From defining leadership, to leadership characteristics and creating a vision, this course will provide tools and resources for even the most experienced leader to be successful. Participants will be provided the opportunity to learn the characteristics of leadership, create a personal definition of what it means to be a leader, and to create a personal leadership development plan. This course addresses the real world challenges of what it means to be a leader in today's work environment.

Target Areas of Knowledge

  • Leadership defined and applied
  • Next generation leadership
  • Leading on another level
  • Defining and creating a leadership vision
  • Leading for tomorrow

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to define leadership characteristics on a global, organizational, and personal level
  • Comprehension and application of leadership strategies
  • Increased awareness and use of planning and vision development
  • Defined leadership growth and action plan
  • Improved use and application of situational leadership, and leadership models

Who should attend

Aspiring or newly promoted supervisors, process and production supervisors, front-line supervisors, and experienced supervisors who wish to gain knowledge, information and resources to be an effective leader and supervisor in today's diverse work environment.

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