Strategic Thinking for Turbulent Times

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Who should attend

This program will benefit mid- to senior-level managers whose role is to exercise critical strategic thinking skills within their areas of operation or at the broader enterprise level. Those who have direct influence over their organization or unit’s strategy will find this program beneficial.

This program is an excellent fit for executives from companies, governments, and nonprofit organizations who are experiencing disruption and are seeking to move forward.

Leaders from most job titles and functions will find this program beneficial including entrepreneurs, consultants, and general managers. Those in various roles such as marketing, business development, new product development, operations, technology, research, and finance will find this program beneficial.

About the course

While digital disruption was well under way before the Covid-19 Pandemic, these disruptive forces have accelerated in the context of significant market uncertainty that will persist for some time. The focus of this program is to provide senior leaders with the foundational skills in strategic thinking to effectively help navigate the organizations though these turbulent times.

Technological and digital advancements have changed the playing field. From mobile banking to transportation to e-commerce, seemingly every industry has been affected. While some organizations are making small incremental changes, bold forward thinkers are discovering new uncharted markets that competitors failed to recognize. Being able to envision the unthinkable requires a strategic mindset with an intent to change the game.

In this program, participants will gain the strategic frameworks to anticipate threats and explore new opportunities deliberately. Attendees will evaluate business models that incorporate disruptive innovation to seize high-potential markets yet discovered. You'll gain the strategic thinking tools to identify value drivers, evaluate repressed markets, and determine where the higher value lies in the future.

When you leave this program, you'll be better prepared to align innovation with your business strategy, push creative boundaries, and improve your strategic thinking skills to analyze factors for long-term sustainable growth.

By attending, you will:

  • Gain the strategic frameworks to anticipate threats, vulnerabilities, and deliberately explore new opportunities
  • Learn how to access your current business strategy and the role disruptive innovation may have in your strategy
  • Explore how digital disruptors have created value drivers for organizations resulting in long-term sustainable growth
  • Learn how to stretch your thinking with scenario analysis designed to generate an open-minded approach to idea generation, as well as help explore unimagined future market changes
  • Grow your strategic skills in problem-solving that involves objective analysis, thinking ahead, and forecasting


Our live-online programs are delivered in a synchronous format where you'll engage with faculty, industry leaders, and a global set of peers in an interactive, high-impact virtual environment. Often, these programs blend live sessions with activities or projects, and readings to deepen one's understanding of the materials. The benefit to this format is that you'll receive Booth's rigorous content in short, digestible sessions held multiple times weekly and span over a few weeks.

Participants should expect to commit a total of 4-6 hours per week to this program.


This program includes four interactive, live-online sessions. When you register for this program, you can choose between live sessions held Tuesday and Tuesday mornings US Central Time or Tuesday and Thursday mornings Hong Kong Time (Monday and Wednesday evenings US Central Time).

Networking Forum

This program includes a live-virtual networking session, where participants will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the cohort and share their work experience, as well as their most significant business challenge they are currently facing. Booth team members will host these forums, and will help continue post live-forum discussions onto the program's online discussion boards.

Program outline

Business Strategy Clarification and Assessment

  • Strategy fundamentals and frameworks
  • Customer value proposition, target customer segments, and critical capabilities

Outcome-Based Approach to Customer Value Creation and Innovation

  • Business model innovation

Identifying and Responding to Technological Change

  • Industry changes impacting your business/organization
  • Identification of new emerging markets and prospective market disruptions

Outside-In Mindset through Scenario-Based Thinking

  • Framework for analyzing trends and developing alternate future scenarios
  • Scenario-based strategy development


Marc Knez

Marc J. Knez studies strategic and organizational decision making, strategic planning, and market analysis. His academic research evolved from a focus on applying game theory and decision theory to strategic decisionmaking to a focus on market analysis, strategy development, and organizational st...

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Strategic Thinking for Turbulent Times at Booth School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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