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Strategic Thinking for Managers: Improve Competitive Positioning

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About the course

Learn practical tools and working knowledge to develop strategic thinking and strategic behavior in their organizations.

The course will give managers, directors, and VPs the practical tools and working knowledge to develop strategic thinking and strategic behavior in their organizations, with the focus on translating core strategy concepts and models into immediate and practical applications for a wide range of industries and forms.


  • External Industry Analysis
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Sources of Change and Innovation
  • Internal Audit of Functional Capabilities
  • Operations Management vs. Strategy
  • Assessing Capability Gaps
  • Strategic Matrix – Time and Resources
  • Strategic Planning vs. Long-Range Planning
  • Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Management
  • Process Innovation and Strategic Behavior
  • Strategy Formation and ImplementationStrategy Monitoring: Metrics for Performance Review and Assessment


The course first covers the primary analysis of the organization’s external environment, and the assessment of industry and market turbulence as it relates to change, innovation, and strategic opportunities. It then covers the methods and tools for auditing the organization’s entire range of internal functional capabilities, determining the strategic posture, and then developing a formal strategy to address gaps that exist in its positioning relative to its specific external environment – with an emphasis on actual case examples drawn from the instructors actual clients files over the last 30 years of consulting.

Who should attend

This course has been designed for mid-level to senior managers and individual contributors eager to expand their leadership capabilities and increase their influence and impact at work.

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David Newton

Dr. David Newton is a full-time new venture consultant, and has taught in the Rady Center for Executive Development since 2013. His consulting focuses on high-tech product strategies and innovative online learning platforms. For 28 years he was a full-time professor at UMass-Amherst, Westmont, an...


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