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Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Strategic Marketing Management

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Jul 8—12
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Jan 27—31, 2020
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Aug 10—14, 2020
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Work on your own business challenges and begin developing a strategic marketing plan that you can apply immediately to your workplace.

Apply theory to practice through team discussions, case studies, videos and group work in a lively, participatory environment for maximized learning. Program content is constantly updated with leading-edge marketing material from academia and industry. Take advantage of the comprehensive curriculum taught by Dr. Ajay Sirsi, an award-winning professor who is also the creator of the marketing and sales methodology Marketing Led – Sales Driven (MLSD), a process used by hundreds of organizations globally to develop strong marketing strategies followed by flawless implementation at the sales and customer levels.

Acquire the skills needed to develop and implement a superior marketing plan and position products for competitive advantage. Segment markets and target customers effectively to build powerful brands. Learn to conduct market research, create and sustain customer value, and design the right channels of distribution for your product. Use the insight and expertise gained to develop a strategic marketing plan that you can apply immediately to your workplace.

Course content details

Monday – Thursday

1. Marketing Concepts and Overview

  • Marketing = a tool to create competitive advantage
  • What value does marketing add to a business?
  • Understanding, creating, delivering, and managing customer value
  • Elements of a strong marketing plan

2. Market Segmentation and Choosing The Target Market

  • How to segment your markets and customers
  • Tools to understand customer needs
  • Choosing your target market
  • Customizing your marketing value propositions by segment

3. How to Build a Powerful Brand

  • Foundations of branding and brand management
  • Core versus potential products: how to de-commoditize your offerings
  • How to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace

4. Pricing Strategy: Capturing The Value You Have Created

  • Avoiding the biggest pricing mistakes made by firms
  • Designing value-based pricing strategies
  • How to be a price maker, not a price taker

5. Channel Strategies: Design and Management

  • Learn how to use channel strategies to attract and keep customers
  • Understanding how channels of distribution deliver competitive advantage
  • Designing relevant channel strategies for your business

6. Marketing Communications in Action

  • Learn about the realities of the new marketing communications paradigm
  • Valuable lessons on how to successfully get your message across to any target customer
  • A step-by-step process to develop integrated marketing communications strategies
  • Developing success benchmarks to ensure marketing ROI

7. Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Foundations of marketing strategy and planning
  • Creating a winning marketing plan
  • Building a customer-focused business


8. Group Work – Planning for Success

  • Building a marketing plan for a business
  • Reviewing plans with your peers
  • Expert instructor and peer feedback

Who should attend

This program benefits those currently involved in the marketing area and leaders from many associated functions – business planning, sales, advertising, market research, customer service or communication, finance, HR and operations. Participants have included marketing managers, vice-presidents and assistants; executives and division managers; product, brand and account managers; sales professionals and promotional managers; customer service and advertising representatives; and corporate planners and directors.


Biography Ajay is a senior marketing professor at Schulich. His research has won awards internationally. Ajay is the author of three books including: Marketing Led – Sales Driven: How Successful Businesses Use The Power Of Marketing Plans And Sales Execution To Win In The Marketplace and Marketi...


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